iPhone Firmware 1.1.2 and iTunes 7.5

T3.co.uk claims to have seen an upcoming version of the iPhone firmware, version 1.1.2. According to T3

“First off, there’s support for dozens of languages, so if you happen to be a fluent Cantonese speaker, the phone has all the relevant character sets so you can display your language properly.

There’s full support for French and German, with special keyboard lay-outs on the ready to tackle accented characters – perfectly understandable, of course, what with the phone heading for launch across the channel this month too.”

MacRumors has also reported that iPhone firmware 1.1.2 should be coming soon and will be mostly bug and security related fixes alongside new languages.

The new firmware version will most likely break 3rd party SIM unlock software and 3rd party applications. MacRumors specifically mentioned that iToner will be broken with this update.

I think that this was likely but I do also think that breaking iToner is a big mistake. I am not going to pay $0.99 for ringtones that I don’t want, I’d rather find a way to pay nothing for ringtones I do want.

There are also rumors around the internet that Apple will be releasing iTunes 7.5 soon which from what I’ve seen, won’t be a major release but will more than likely just be bug and security fixes.

16GB iPhone in the Works?

My guess would be yes, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet, and trust me, this picture isn’t the real deal:

This is a picture claiming to be a spy shot of a new 16GB iPhone. The supposed Apple store employee says that the store he works for started receiving them and that they are supposed to go on sale on Tuesday. It was confirmed to be a fake shortly after it was reported, but big sites like Gizmodo had a post on it and the writer thought that they could be real (later Gizmodo updated the post saying that they were indeed fake, but it just goes to show you how much fact checking happens on some of the bigger sites), he even went so far as to bet Brian Lam $50 over it.

Now, like I said above I do think that a 16GB iPhone is in the works but I don’t expect to see it before Macworld, not just because it is more then likely that Apple would have announced the 16GB at the iPod event but also because it would just be another slap in the face to all of the early adopters of the iPhone (including me).

I would guess that the 16GB would be priced at $499, which is $100 more expensive then the 16GB iPod Touch and the 8GB iPhone, this pricing seems very logical to me.

I wouldn’t tell people to wait for it though, even if it was confirmed that it was coming in Macworld (which it is not confirmed at all), I’ve found that 8GB is plenty, I’m able to have 3GB worth of music, an audio book, a movie, two TV shows, and all of the podcasts for the day all on the iPhone and I still have 1GB of empty space. The ability to easily control what you do and don’t want on the iPhone is extremely powerful and makes having 8GB much easier.

So just a quick recap:
Picture above = Fake
16GB iPhone = More then likely coming in the next 6 months (opinion)

(credit for the picture: Gizmodo)

$399 Playstation 3 on October 28th?

There have been some rumors around the internet talking about a 40GB $399 Playstation 3 and it seems to actually have some legs to it. Engadget has gotten a hold of some Best Buy documents that seem to confirm that the Playstation 3 will be stocked on October 28th.

I don’t currently have any plans to purchase any of the next gen consoles but I’ll tell you what, if I can get high-def gaming and a next generation high-def disc format in my living room for $400 it would be something I would seriously consider. Let’s face it $399 for the Playstation 3 is quite the bang for your buck.

I truly hope that Sony will release a $399 model soon because the Xbox 360 is dominating the PS3 (like I say all the time, we need more competition).


Zune 2 Details Leaked

Engadget has posted some details about the Zune 2. The new Zune sounds interesting, I’m not sure if it will be very successful, probably better then the original Zune but the Zune 2 won’t be quite as popular as the iPod is.

So let’s get into some of the details, October 16th is the launch date and there will be two models, a flash based Zune (at least code named) the Draco, and a hard drive based Zune (at least code named) the Scorpio.

Draco will come in pink, red, black, and army green with 4GB and 8GB capacities.

The Scorpio will have 80GB of hard drive capacity and is said to have an “awesome screen” for video.

The funny thing about these players is that they will feature a “Squircle” which will be used “for navigation, which won’t have a center button but can be pushed, From any side,” I don’t know exactly what that means but it doesn’t sound that great.


3G iPhone Next Year?


From Engadget:

Steve gets back on stage for Q&A. We ask: Why not 3G networks?

Steve: “The 3G chipsets are real power hogs. Handset battery life cuts power to 2-3 hours.” Yeah yeah, we’ve heard it before. “Our phone has a talk time of 8 hours and that’s really important when you want to use your phone for internet and music. 3G needs to get back up to 5+ hours, something we think well see later next year. … WiFi is way faster than any 3G network. Energy efficient EDGE with better, faster WiFi. That’s why we chose it.”

As you can see from the quote that was posted in Engadget “something we think well see later next year.” Hmm, key word being “think” and don’t forget that even if we do see chipsets with 5+ hours of battery life next year, how long will it take for them to be put in the iPhone and be ready to be sold to consumers? Who knows.

I’ve seen a lot of people taking that quote along with this one:

“We’re working on the next iPhone and the next one after that. That’s what our customers expect.” -Steve Jobs

And saying that this means we WILL see a 3G iPhone next year. stating it as a fact is simply wrong, we don’t know whether or not we will see a 3G iPhone next year, there are a lot of ifs involved.

Some more food for thought is that Apple is clearly focusing on the US market with this phone, simply because it is cheapest here and it was launched here first. MOST of the US doesn’t have 3G coverage at all, why would Apple take a hit on battery life of an hour or two instead of releasing a phone with 25&-50% more battery life that works with WiFi and EDGE, it just doesn’t seem logical.

Anyway I just wanted to end this terrible rumor from spreading because the FACT that the iPhone will get 3G next year isn’t true, however it is a possibility.

$400 40GB Playstation 3 By Christmas?

Arstechnica is claiming that a “mole” has tipped them off of a possible $400 version of the Playstation 3 to be released by Christmas. This is quite a surprise since the 20GB and 60GB versions of the Playstation 3 have been phased out, why would they want to bring another to the table.

I am taking this with a grain of salt however the mole also tipped them off on the HDMI in the Xbox 360 so the track record seems to be fairly clean.

The mole also notes a couple other things, the Playstation 2 will have a price drop to $99 and Spiderman 3 on blu-ray may be bundled with one or both of the Playstation 3 versions.

I wouldn’t be surprised about the price drop to $99 for the Playstation 2 and I also wouldn’t be surprised if Spiderman 3 was bundled with the Playstation 3, especially since it should look great in HD and is pretty much one of the biggest movies that will be out on Blu-ray for this Christmas. I’m still a bit skeptical on the 40GB PS3 but I wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility.


Today’s Apple Event

Today’s Apple Event will be beginning at the following times:

  • 7:00AM – Hawaii
  • 10:00AM – Pacific
  • 11:00AM – Mountain
  • 12:00PM – Central
  • 1:00PM – Eastern

I’m sure there are a lot of you that don’t care about the Apple event but you can’t deny the fact that Apple events seem to mean a lot to a lot of people therefore I feel it is my duty as a tech blogger to tell you about it.

I will be watching Engadget’s live blog for my information and later I will be watching the video of the event that Apple will most likely post at the end of today or sometime tomorrow.

Here is what I am expecting from the event:

  • New iPods, the fat ones, with the new user interface.
  • iPhone firmware update, possibly giving you the ability to sync over Wifi
  • Beatles music in iTunes
  • Possibly a live performance from Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr

These are just my speculation, we will find out soon enough what exactly will be announced.

More Apple Rumors

This Week Apple is holding an event and of course that means that every Tom, Dick, and Harry will be coming up with rumors to go along with it.

There are currently two rumor-like items going around that I think you should know about.

First of them being this picture:

This is a supposedly the new iPod Nano (My guess is it is a mock up uploaded to the web by probably Tom) Harry (everyone), is still saying that this is an iPod Nano, well first of all, like I said in the parenthesis this is most likely just a mock up but I also want to say that there won’t be any new Nanos on Wednesday. This is just speculation but I still believe that the current Nanos are here to stay and that picture that was floating around was actually a regular iPod. To read my full speculation on iPods this Wednesday read this.

Now Dick has been spreading rumors that Apple will be unveiling iTunes kiosks, I can tell you that can’t be happening. Why would Steve Jobs take the experience of buying music away from your own computer? That is just silly, that’s like saying that you will be able to purchase movies directly through your AppleTV, it is going to take years before we see that.

Everyone please just read my speculation on the September 5th event, it will all make sense to you, really, it will. (Add the posability that Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney may show up to do a live show.

September 5th Apple Event – Confirmed

The rumored Apple event has been confirmed, and the date has been set on September 5th. The event will take place at the Moscone West exhibition centre in San Francisco and will begin at 10 a.m. pacific time.

The picture to the left was part of the invitation handed out to the press. As you can see it says “The beat goes on.” and pictures someone holding an iPod on a coverflow album cover. Of course this must mean iPods, no, well, maybe. No one really knows except the guys in Cupertino. However, I, like every other blogger in the world have a prediction. My prediction is a new iPod, not a nano but actually a regular video iPod. One that has the same size screen as the current iPods except it is slightly thinner and slightly shorter, with a similar aluminum style to the iPod nano. Maybe it would look a little something like this:

About a week ago I posted this picture from 9to5mac.com saying, like everyone else that these were nanos but today I say that they are most likely regular sized iPods. As you can see they look similar to the Nanos the only difference is that they are a little bit larger.

I’m also going to theorize that these new iPods will have a new interface. No, not the iPhones interface, that could cannibalize iPhone sales and hurt new AT&T recruits. But instead the new iPods will be sporting the interface from these videos that I wrote a post about last month.

User interface video 1
User interface video 2
User interface video 3

Now I’m not doing anything crazy here guys, I’m just piecing together rumors that have been around for a month. The only difference is Apple hasn’t sent me a take down notice about them (Apple: mike@cybersurge.org just in case you need me for anything).

But just like any other well formulated Apple rumor I have to take it one step further adding something that probably won’t happen but I would like to happen, I predict that the Mac Pro will get some different graphics options, just to add the ability for DX10 if you run Windows under boot camp. My guess is something like a Radeon HD 2900XT or a Geforce 8800GTX.

Alas this is just speculation I, just like all of you, will have my face glued to my monitor on September 5th hitting refresh in Firefox waiting for the next update on one of the live blogs. And I just can’t wait.

The Google Phone

Recently the internet has been buzzing about the rumored Google Phone. I almost wish I could say that this was just not true because why would Google try to compete with Apple in consumer electronics. Apple of course just got into the Cell phone business but has made quite the splash and I would have to guess that if Google does come out with a phone Apple would be one of the biggest competitors. What is strange about that is Google is all over the iPhone especially with the very prominent YouTube and Google Maps.

Google has never made a consumer electronics device they have always stuck to making software. All of the rumors have been pointing to HTC making the actual phone and Linux being the phones operating system with Google supplying the integration of all the popular Google apps, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and maybe even Google Talk. Most of the rumors also say that GPS will be integrated into the phone for Google maps. The rumors point towards Q1 of 2008 as the launch date.

Now that I have said my peace about how I don’t think that this is something that Google should be getting into I also want to say that it would still be cool. It will especially be cool if the rumors are true about it only being $100 (“is less about beating the iPhone and more about beating the $100 Laptop”-Rizzn), I could buy one for my girlfriend at that price and get her off that god awful Razr of hers. One has to wonder however how the heck they plan on getting the price down so freaking low, most would guess that they would be serving ads on the phone but how would they do that without being obtrusive in any way.

Maybe if they had a small text ad at the top of the screen near the clock or something it wouldn’t be too bad or maybe a few words at the bottom of the phones wallpaper but at the same time I would wonder exactly what information they are using to target those ads to me, remember Google is all about contextual advertising. Would the ads that are served to me depend on where I am geographically such as local advertising or would they be similar to the online ads, the phone is of course hooked up to a data network meaning I can view web pages.

These are all questions that probably won’t be answered for a while but they are all things that need to be answered. Let’s all hope that this is going to be the best thing since sliced bread but I would guess that it won’t be.

Nvidia Hoping for 800+MHz G92 Chips

I talked about the Geforce 9800(G98) but Nvidia is also working on another new chip, the G92. theInquirer has dug up some information on it including:

Nvidia is strongly on board with DisplayPort they are planning on having graphics cards with DisplayPort by CES 2008 which when Dell is planning on releasing there new series of monitors.

“Nvidia reworked quite a lot of things from the original marchitecture to make this thing work faster.”

The G92 will be clocked somewhere between 800-850MHz.

Nvidia’s next set of graphics chips are shaping up to make some great graphics cards, of course that is if everything goes well.


Are These The Yet To Be Released iPod Nanos? UPDATE

No probably not. Especially since the picture is of a monitor displaying a .psd file. Seems a little too sloppy to me though so it is still a little hard to tell. When I first saw the picture the title of the window was the first place I looked, if this picture was a fake you would assume they would make sure that you couldn’t see the title of the window the .psd file was in.


UPDATE: Gizmodo was asked to take the picture down which they say confirms this rumor (I’m still sceptical). However as you can see I still have the picture here until Apple tells me to take it down because I feel it is fair use for me to have it up.