iPhone Firmware 1.1.2 and iTunes 7.5

T3.co.uk claims to have seen an upcoming version of the iPhone firmware, version 1.1.2. According to T3

“First off, there’s support for dozens of languages, so if you happen to be a fluent Cantonese speaker, the phone has all the relevant character sets so you can display your language properly.

There’s full support for French and German, with special keyboard lay-outs on the ready to tackle accented characters – perfectly understandable, of course, what with the phone heading for launch across the channel this month too.”

MacRumors has also reported that iPhone firmware 1.1.2 should be coming soon and will be mostly bug and security related fixes alongside new languages.

The new firmware version will most likely break 3rd party SIM unlock software and 3rd party applications. MacRumors specifically mentioned that iToner will be broken with this update.

I think that this was likely but I do also think that breaking iToner is a big mistake. I am not going to pay $0.99 for ringtones that I don’t want, I’d rather find a way to pay nothing for ringtones I do want.

There are also rumors around the internet that Apple will be releasing iTunes 7.5 soon which from what I’ve seen, won’t be a major release but will more than likely just be bug and security fixes.

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