Sony Rumored to Debut 3.3″ Touchscreen Walkman at CES

Sony 3.3" OLED Walkman with Wifi

Sony is rumored to be debuting a brand new 3.3″ touchscreen Walkman at CES that will come in 16GB and 32GB models. The yet to be named device will feature an OLED display which should help save that oh so important battery life from draining too quickly while also giving the device some incredibly gorgeous color detail.

The device should also come with Wifi, Youtube support, podcast subscriptions, and support for MP3, AAC, PCM, WMA, AVC (h.264), MP4, and WMV. The rumor also states that Sony would be partnering with Amazon to support over the air downloads of Amazon MP3s.

Alongside Wifi Sony has (intelligently) decided to (unlike the Zune) have a built in web browser, but it is still unknown whether or not the browser will be based on WebKit (as so many mobile browser are these days) or if Sony has decided to partner with Opera for this device.

It’s obvious that Sony is trying to compete with the iPod Touch with this device but the problem is that it (supposedly) does not have an App Store, which (in my opinion) is the reason the iPod Touch is so successful right now. But this is just another reason why Sony needs to rethink its strategy, if they were to release this device with an App Store it would ultimately compete with the PSP and Sony doesn’t want to do that. If they were smart they would be releaseing a device like this with similar features but also include a fast enough processor to let it become the PSP2, but I’m not sure if the guys at Sony have enough guts to do something like that.

The problem is that Sony is to sectionalized as a company, I’m not sure if the folks who work in their gaming department (PS3 and PSP) have any idea what the guys working on the next Walkman are doing, and that is why ultimately this device will fail, integration with your other devices is the key to success in the world of iPods and unless you can bring that same experience or better to the table, don’t expect to do very well.

Sony To Debut 32GB 3.3-inch Wi-Fi Touchscreen Walkman –

Rumor: Sony BMG’s Music to Be iTunes Plus Very Soon

9 to 5 Mac is claiming that Sony BMG is going to start letting Apple sell it’s music in the iTunes Plus format. That means unprotected high quality audio of Sony BMG music in iTunes.

There isn’t any reason to believe that this isn’t true since 9 to 5 Mac has had a pretty good track record ever since they first leaked the Fat Nano photos. What makes me a little skeptical is that they aren’t giving any time frame other than in the next few weeks/months. That means that it could happen any time between 3 weeks and 3 months and that is a little vague. I understand that you can’t be too sure with these types of rumors but it’s almost like saying that Apple will be releasing new products some time in the next 6 months.

I’m not saying it isn’t going to happen and I’m not saying that 9 to 5 Mac doesn’t have any tips about the topic but I just wish they could have stated a more firm dte or smaller date range.

9 to 5 Mac

Playstation 3 Model Comparison Table

Sony has done nothing more than confuse consumers with all of the different Playstation 3 SKUs but Joystiq is here to help. They came up with a little table showing the differences between all of the different PS3 models.

The table doesn’t just tell you which models have PS2 backwards compatibility but also lets you know which models have the cooler and quieter 65nm chips in them.


God of War 3 For the Playstation 3 Trailer

God of War 3 may be the game that makes everyone change their mind about the Playstation 3 (I know I’ve said it before and I will probably say it again).

The game will run at full 1080p HD resolution and support full Sixaxis tilt and vibration functions.

God of War has been a pretty successful game in the past and hopefully they will continue with this next one. (I openly admit to being a little bit of a Playstation fanboy but only because I hate the Xbox controller).

Sony Ericsson Promo Video Confirms Info on Paris Handset

This latest Sony Ericsson Paris Promo video confirms some information about the upcoming phone.

It will have some kind of weather widget, it will have Google Maps, and it will also (presumably) have a 5 megapixel camera.

The phone looks darn good, can’t wait to get full specs and information on the device.

Xperia X1 Specs Detailed in White Paper

Sony Ericsson’s white papers have detailed quite a bit about the Xperia X1 and this latest one offers details on the specs of the handset. The device will ship with 256MB of SDRAM, 512MB of NAND Flash, 10 hours of GSM talk time or 6.5 hours using UMTS.

The battery life on this thing sounds really good but if you are making video calls it will dip down to 3.1 hours and will take 3.5 hours to fully charge.

The phone is still set for a September release and when it does I’m sure it won’t sell well but, will be every Geeks super phone of choice (that is unless they have an iPhone).

White Papers

PS3 Ad Shows Screenshot of TV Show Download Feature

The rumor of Sony giving PS3 owners the ability to purchase downloadable video on their consoles has heated up because of a recent ad video floating around the internet. The video seems to show off many of the features of the Playstation 3 but very quickly flashes a screenshot of what seems to be a store front for TV shows.

Cartoon Network, NBC, MTV, HBO, and CW are shown in the screenshot but the question to ask is, when will this be unveiled? E3? Maybe.

Playstation 3 Firmware v2.30 Walkthrough

Includes a revamped Playstation Store
DTS-HD Master Audio output for Blu-ray videos
DTS-HD High Resolution Audio output for Blu-ray videos

Now check out the video below for the walkthrough and to see the new look of the Playstation Store

PSP Playstation Network Games Get Decrypted, Played On Any PSP

So those clever hackers are at it again, this time decrypting games purchased from the Playstation Network for the PSP. Currently you have to decrypt the games on the PSP that you purchased them for, but this is a giant dent in the shield of Sony so that users can get their content where they want it.

PSN Store DRM Cracked – NP Decrypter Released

Just to let all of you PSP owners out there know (who haven’t found this out already) hacking your PSP could change your life in meaningful ways. Not only can you do things like decrypt games bought on the Playstation Network (like I mentioned above) but you can also play games using emulators and all sorts of other great little hacks. to find out about PSP hacking go here.

BBC Plays With Sony PlayTV

Back when PlayTV was first announced I was incredibly excited and really hoped that Sony would eventually release it in the US. Unfortunatly Sony hasn’t even been able to release it in the UK yet. But, the BBC got a chance to play around with the PlayTV and it looks pretty cool.

The interface of PlayTV is gorgeous, very simple controls to do whatever you would like, be it watch live TV, schedule a recording, or play recorded shows. PlayTV even goes so far as to allow you to watch live TV or recorded shows on your PSP wherever you have a Wifi connection for the PSP.