More Apple Rumors

This Week Apple is holding an event and of course that means that every Tom, Dick, and Harry will be coming up with rumors to go along with it.

There are currently two rumor-like items going around that I think you should know about.

First of them being this picture:

This is a supposedly the new iPod Nano (My guess is it is a mock up uploaded to the web by probably Tom) Harry (everyone), is still saying that this is an iPod Nano, well first of all, like I said in the parenthesis this is most likely just a mock up but I also want to say that there won’t be any new Nanos on Wednesday. This is just speculation but I still believe that the current Nanos are here to stay and that picture that was floating around was actually a regular iPod. To read my full speculation on iPods this Wednesday read this.

Now Dick has been spreading rumors that Apple will be unveiling iTunes kiosks, I can tell you that can’t be happening. Why would Steve Jobs take the experience of buying music away from your own computer? That is just silly, that’s like saying that you will be able to purchase movies directly through your AppleTV, it is going to take years before we see that.

Everyone please just read my speculation on the September 5th event, it will all make sense to you, really, it will. (Add the posability that Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney may show up to do a live show.


  1. man, i really hope they look a lot prettier than that. apple doesn’t release ugly products and i think the pictures of the new ipods are UGLY!

    i do agree with you that they aren’t going to be nanos because apple has already tweaked and played with the nanos but they haven’t really done anything with the regular ipod.

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