Windows 7 Allows You to Completely Turn Off Most Major Features

Remove Windows 7 Features

A few days ago word got around that almost every major feature of Windows 7 can be completely turned off. That means the actual data for those features won’t be loaded by the operating system.

This is obviously made for security conscious customers but will be useful to a lot of Windows power users.

But one has to wonder how Microsoft is feeling about the reception of this news. Every news article I’ve found about this story essentially praises Microsoft for letting us remove features from our OS install. No one has even talked about the idea that this further cements the fact that Windows users aren’t happy with their operating system, if they were they would either not care about this news or be completely befuddled by Microsoft’s choice to add it.

I no longer own a computer that runs Windows and if it wasn’t for my girlfriend being stuck on an old PC I would never have to use one. You may think I’m a fanboy but the only feature I would remove from OS X (if I could) would be Spotlight, Quicksilver is easier to use, faster, and more powerful. But I probably couldn’t count on both hands the features I would like to remove from Windows.

Engineering Windows 7.

Ballmer CES Keynote Announcements Leak

TechCrunch has a run down of what Ballmer will (supposedly) be announcing at this years CES keynote.

  • Windows 7, the successor to Vista, will officially enter public beta.
  • Windows Mobile will support Flash by the end of the first quarter. (This was demoed at an Adobe conference in November).
  • Two new Halo titles will be released for the xBox in 2009 (something else we know already).
  • Home networking made easy!

Overall not a very interesting keynote but then again I’m not sure if Microsoft has announced anything “exciting” since Windows 95 (in my opinion at least, and I was only 7 years old in 1995!).

Ballmer’s CES Keynote Promises To Be A Snoozer Non-Announcements Revealed.

Microsoft Announces Branded Clothing Line

That’s right folks, you’re going to be able to pick up some DOS T-shits. The line will feature a few designs contributed by the rapper Common.

The idea for these shirts was conceived by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, the marketing firm that Microsoft hired for their most recent attempt at making themselves into a cool brand.

The line will feature designs that will invoke memories of Microsoft in the ’80s and will be called Softwear by Microsoft and is expected to begin selling in stores on December 15th.

As much as everyone in the blogosphere likes to make fun of Microsofts marketing efforts I actually don’t think that this is a bad idea. I for one would love to pick up some Softwear from Microsoft, but I may just be in a geek class of my own on this (the class in which other geeks look at you and say things like “wow you are one hell of a geek”).

Of the two shirts that have been seen in pictures around the internet I would personally buy both of them. I don’t know how successful this marketing idea will be but I’m sure I’ll buy into it (and I don’t even use any Microsoft products).

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Office 2007 Priced at $29, in China

In an effort to combat piracy, Microsoft has finally begun doing something that will actually help. Instead of putting more and more anti-piracy measures in Office they have lowered the price to the equivalent of $29.

Microsoft has tried similar tactics in the past, like when they sold Office to college students at a drastically reduced price. What’s surprising (to me at least) is that this seems to be working. retailers have stocked up on inventory for the new promotion and they have been selling incredibly well.

Many would argue that piracy is the reason for raising prices on software but with all of the figuring I’ve done it seems that if you lower the price piracy will practically go away.

But, this will hopefully show Microsoft that they can make as much, if not more money from their products if they lower the price rather than keeping it high and trying to put more and more restrictions on the software.

Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” Ad Airs (The Ones Without Seinfeld)

The second phase of Microsoft’s new ad campaign has begun with a few new ads seemingly focused on the diversity of PC users. The ad depicted a series of people saying “I’m a PC,” very simple, but gets the point across that everyone uses PCs.

The new ads are a direct response to the Get a Mac ads starring Justin Long and John Hodgman.

The ads are also trying to break the stereotype that the Get a Mac ads are placing on PC users by truly showing the vast diversity in PC users.

I don’t really have much to say about the ads other than that I miss Jerry Seinfeld (those ads were actually entertaining).

Two more versions of the ad after the jump.

Second Bill Gates, Seinfeld Ad Airs

No one seemed to like the first ad and it seems that most people don’t “get” the second ad either. But, as someone (I can’t remember who) said about the ad, if you smile even once, Microsoft wins. All Microsoft has to day is make you think of Microsoft in a more posative light, and if it takes release an ad that has almost no relevance to Microsoft but makes you laugh than that is what it takes.

Xbox 360 Core Arcade Bundle Now Available for $199.99

Officially today you can now pick up an Xbox 360 for (what I consider to be) that magical price point of $199.99.

This bundle includes the console itself (without hard drive), a 256MB memory unit, a wireless controller, Xbox LIVE Silver membership, Composite AV cable, 5 Arcade LIVE titles: Feeding Frenzy, Luxor 2, Boom Boom Rocket, Pac-Man Championship Edition, and Uno.

So if you are looking to pick up an Xbox 360 either as a gift for holidays or just for yourself right now is a great time to grab one.

Xbox 360 Arcade Bundle

First Microsoft Seinfeld Ad Airs

The first Microsoft ad featureing Seinfeld and Bill Gates aired yesterday and so far the general consensus is that the ad is good but doesn’t seem to have any relevance to any of Microsofts products. That analysis is correct but I’m fairly certain that there will be many more ads that tell a story (relative to Microsft’s products) overall and not necessarily a story for each individual ad.

I see this ad more as an effort to get rid of the ideas of Microsoft being an old and boring company and instead a company who is still doing interesting things. More ads will come doing this same thing with ads in between telling you about how great Microsoft’s products are.

Microsoft did a much better job than I though they would with this ad and it truly is funny.

Netflix Streaming on Xbox 360 Demoed on Video

After watching this video I compared the experience on the Xbox 360 compared to the experience on the Roku player and it seems that the Xbox 360 is much nicer.

The Roku player isn’t as nice looking as the Xbox 360 in terms of UI and although the Xbox 360 is loud it is mostly due to the disc drive and since Netflix streaming won’t be hitting the disc it should make for a great experience.

I have no need for the ability to watch a movie or TV show at the same time as a friend with a Netflix account and a Live Gold account, it seems pretty useless to me.

Xbox 360 Fanboy

Xbox 360 Getting Netflix Streaming This Fall

The Xbox 360 will be getting an update that will allow users who also have a Netflix account to stream movies and TV shows to their televisions through the Xbox 360.

Users with a Gold Xbox Live account will also be able to share your Netflix movies with friends via your Xbox Live party so you can watch a movie/TV show all together.

I’m not sure if this is going to hurt sales of the Netflix Roku player but I would assume that a lot of the people who would buy the Roku player probably already have an Xbox 360. I know I wouldn’t buy a Roku player now, but then again I don’t really want to buy an Xbox 360 either, I would much rather have a PS3 for the Blu-ray and backwards compatibility (if I spring for the $500 version) (I’ve owned a PS2 for a few years and have a number of games for it that I wouldn’t want to get rid of and getting rid of the PS2 would be nice).

So there you all go, the update is set to be released this Fall and hopefully Netflix will spend that time increasing the number of “Watch it Now” movies.