6Gen iPod Rumors, Videos – Update (Videos Available)

Mac Rumors has posted a few videos of what seems to be the 6th generation iPod’s user interface. I don’t know whether or not these are real or if they are just faked but they look extremely convincing.

I would guess that if these are real the iPod is running OSX since Steve Jobs has hinted at OSX iPods before, and the iPod is using the familiar click-wheel style interface instead of the iPhone’s touchscreen interface. The lack of touchscreen functionality makes me a little sad and if that is the case I will most likely wait until the 7gen iPod before I upgrade (If I ever upgrade at all seeing as I know have an iPhone).

Anyway lack of touchscreen aside the user interface looks gorgeous and I think I really like the split-screen interface elements.

I hope to be able to get them on YouTube sometime so that you can see them here but until then head over here to MacRumors post.

Update: Well MacRumors post has been taken down, Apple legal got a hold of it and had it taken down, well I had downloaded them before they were taken down so I’ll link to them here. If Apple wants me to take them down that is fine all they have to do is email me at mike@cybersurge.org and I’ll take them down immediately. (I personally don’t think that there is any reason for Apple to want this taken down, it only affirms that fact that these are probably real)

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