16GB iPhone in the Works?

My guess would be yes, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet, and trust me, this picture isn’t the real deal:

This is a picture claiming to be a spy shot of a new 16GB iPhone. The supposed Apple store employee says that the store he works for started receiving them and that they are supposed to go on sale on Tuesday. It was confirmed to be a fake shortly after it was reported, but big sites like Gizmodo had a post on it and the writer thought that they could be real (later Gizmodo updated the post saying that they were indeed fake, but it just goes to show you how much fact checking happens on some of the bigger sites), he even went so far as to bet Brian Lam $50 over it.

Now, like I said above I do think that a 16GB iPhone is in the works but I don’t expect to see it before Macworld, not just because it is more then likely that Apple would have announced the 16GB at the iPod event but also because it would just be another slap in the face to all of the early adopters of the iPhone (including me).

I would guess that the 16GB would be priced at $499, which is $100 more expensive then the 16GB iPod Touch and the 8GB iPhone, this pricing seems very logical to me.

I wouldn’t tell people to wait for it though, even if it was confirmed that it was coming in Macworld (which it is not confirmed at all), I’ve found that 8GB is plenty, I’m able to have 3GB worth of music, an audio book, a movie, two TV shows, and all of the podcasts for the day all on the iPhone and I still have 1GB of empty space. The ability to easily control what you do and don’t want on the iPhone is extremely powerful and makes having 8GB much easier.

So just a quick recap:
Picture above = Fake
16GB iPhone = More then likely coming in the next 6 months (opinion)

(credit for the picture: Gizmodo)

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