3G iPhone Next Year?


From Engadget:

Steve gets back on stage for Q&A. We ask: Why not 3G networks?

Steve: “The 3G chipsets are real power hogs. Handset battery life cuts power to 2-3 hours.” Yeah yeah, we’ve heard it before. “Our phone has a talk time of 8 hours and that’s really important when you want to use your phone for internet and music. 3G needs to get back up to 5+ hours, something we think well see later next year. … WiFi is way faster than any 3G network. Energy efficient EDGE with better, faster WiFi. That’s why we chose it.”

As you can see from the quote that was posted in Engadget “something we think well see later next year.” Hmm, key word being “think” and don’t forget that even if we do see chipsets with 5+ hours of battery life next year, how long will it take for them to be put in the iPhone and be ready to be sold to consumers? Who knows.

I’ve seen a lot of people taking that quote along with this one:

“We’re working on the next iPhone and the next one after that. That’s what our customers expect.” -Steve Jobs

And saying that this means we WILL see a 3G iPhone next year. stating it as a fact is simply wrong, we don’t know whether or not we will see a 3G iPhone next year, there are a lot of ifs involved.

Some more food for thought is that Apple is clearly focusing on the US market with this phone, simply because it is cheapest here and it was launched here first. MOST of the US doesn’t have 3G coverage at all, why would Apple take a hit on battery life of an hour or two instead of releasing a phone with 25&-50% more battery life that works with WiFi and EDGE, it just doesn’t seem logical.

Anyway I just wanted to end this terrible rumor from spreading because the FACT that the iPhone will get 3G next year isn’t true, however it is a possibility.

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