iPhone 2.0 Beta Gets YouTube Support in Safari

The Boy Genius Report spent a little bit of time messing around with the latest iPhone SDK and if you remember a little while ago they were saying that there was YouTube support in Safari? Well it is finally here, what it actually does is when you visit a web page with a YouTube video embedded in it, it shows you a preview image of the video where the video would be with flash support (instead of that dreaded blue ?) and if you tap on it the video opens up in the YouTube browser. Once you are done with the video you click “Done” in the upper left hand corner and you go right back to the web page you were visiting.

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Adobe Adds H.264 Support into Flash, Did YouTube Know?

Adobe announced yesterday that they will be adding H.264 video playback to their Flash product. I have to wonder whether or not YouTube knew about this move. YouTube uses .flv videos as a standard on all of their videos however ever since the AppleTV was capable of playing YouTube videos YouTube has also had H.264 versions of some of their videos. YouTube had also said that they were planning on transcoding all of their video to H.264 sometime this fall. Many have thought that this was just a way for the iPhone and AppleTV to have access to all of the videos or maybe to save on disk space.

YouTube may have done this knowing that Adobe was going to add this support. YouTube may have decided that since .flv videos are so much larger then H.264 that moving their entire library to H.264 would save a ton of money in bandwidth costs.

Adobe’s press release also states very clearly that they will support HD resolution as well making me also wonder whether or not YouTube will shortly go HD.

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First Full Length Film Debuting on YouTube

Four Eyed Monsters is a movie developed by two video bloggers and has debuted on YouTube. The entire 71:54 minute film is going to be available on YouTube for one week only.

Spout.com has agreed to give $1 to the makers of this movie for everyone who joins from the link on the YouTube page here.

“What is this movie about?

It’s about our lives. Being alone in a city, wanting to be in a relationship but feeling there are no good ways to start a connection and then breaking out of a rut, jumping feet first into something deeper and crazier than either of us expected.”

You can buy a higher quality or DVD version of this movie at the Four Eyed Monster Store.

I have not been able to watch the entire movie but I think you should check it out. This is a cool idea for film makers without a whole lot of money. Being able to debut a movie on YouTube would be really cool, but I’m sure you would have to have special deals with YouTube to make that happen.

Four Eyed Monsters on YouTube

YouTube Coming to AppleTV

Apple TV’s will soon be able to watch YouTube videos on there widescreen TV right in there living room. It will be streamed from the internet to the AppleTV. Apple will also begin a build to order option for Apple TV’s with 160GB hard drives for $399.

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YouTube Video Awards Results Are In

The YouTube awards have finished and the result are in, I don’t really agree with a lot of them so I’ll let you know what I thought of all of them.

Most Creative
OK GoHere it Goes Again
Extremely creative and very fun to watch

Best Comedy
SmoshSmosh Short 2: Stranded
Not funny in the least

Best Commentary
thewinekoneHotness Prevails
Very boring and long, I thought they would have went with something that didn’t make me want to go to sleep.

Best Series
digitalfilmmakerAsk a Ninja
Great show, you gotta love it.

Best Music Video
TerraNaomiSay It’s Possible
Not a very interesting video however its a neat song.

Most Insperational
PeaceOnEarth123Free Hugs Campaign
Not very insperational to me, especially since giving free hugs away was a big joke between me and all my friends in 9th grade.

Most Adorable
Yes, thats all I have to say, Yes.

YouTubes Awards Page

Youtube gets legal TV episodes

Digital Music Group (DMG) has made a deal with YouTube sharing over 4,000 hours of video content. Including episodes of Gumby and I Spy. although they are a strange start but I think that this is something that Youtube needs to monotize and start making some money.

DMG will also be sharing some music videos and in return Youtube will share revenue from ads that are on the pages with the content on it.