YouTube Video Awards Results Are In

The YouTube awards have finished and the result are in, I don’t really agree with a lot of them so I’ll let you know what I thought of all of them.

Most Creative
OK GoHere it Goes Again
Extremely creative and very fun to watch

Best Comedy
SmoshSmosh Short 2: Stranded
Not funny in the least

Best Commentary
thewinekoneHotness Prevails
Very boring and long, I thought they would have went with something that didn’t make me want to go to sleep.

Best Series
digitalfilmmakerAsk a Ninja
Great show, you gotta love it.

Best Music Video
TerraNaomiSay It’s Possible
Not a very interesting video however its a neat song.

Most Insperational
PeaceOnEarth123Free Hugs Campaign
Not very insperational to me, especially since giving free hugs away was a big joke between me and all my friends in 9th grade.

Most Adorable
Yes, thats all I have to say, Yes.

YouTubes Awards Page

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