YouTube Plugin For MobileSafari and New iPhone 2.0 Screenshots

The Boy Genius Report has been very good recently at posting about iPhone 2.0 and they didn’t disappoint this time. They have posted a gallery of the latest iPhone 2.0 beta. This gallery shows off some of the cool sample applications that Apple has made and they look great, even if they are just sample apps. If you want to check out there earlier gallery I wrote about it here.

The next thing that The Boy Genius Report has found is that the latest release of iPhone beta firmware has a YouTube plugin for MobileSafari. They didn’t say what it was exactly, just saying that they will dive a little deeper to find out. If I was to guess what it was I would say that it was support for embedded YouTube videos. Currently when you visit a webpage with an embedded YouTube video it gives you the blue ?, what this plugin may do is give you a link that, if clicked on, opens up the iPhones YouTube app and finds that embedded video and starts playing it, but of course, this is just speculation. I’ll post again if The Boy Genius Report fills us all in as to what exactly the plugin does.

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