First Full Length Film Debuting on YouTube

Four Eyed Monsters is a movie developed by two video bloggers and has debuted on YouTube. The entire 71:54 minute film is going to be available on YouTube for one week only. has agreed to give $1 to the makers of this movie for everyone who joins from the link on the YouTube page here.

“What is this movie about?

It’s about our lives. Being alone in a city, wanting to be in a relationship but feeling there are no good ways to start a connection and then breaking out of a rut, jumping feet first into something deeper and crazier than either of us expected.”

You can buy a higher quality or DVD version of this movie at the Four Eyed Monster Store.

I have not been able to watch the entire movie but I think you should check it out. This is a cool idea for film makers without a whole lot of money. Being able to debut a movie on YouTube would be really cool, but I’m sure you would have to have special deals with YouTube to make that happen.

Four Eyed Monsters on YouTube

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