Spyware, The most annoying -ware

I am basically the family geek helping out others in my family with all of their computer problems. I’m sure many of you have a similar role in your family.

One day my mother called me and asked if I could come over and help her because her computer was running a lot slower than it usually is. So I went over to her house and found out that she had clicked on some links within emails and got a whole bunch of spyware installed. It took me 4 hours to attempt to clean it and I just couldn’t get rid of all of it. I ended up having to reinstall Windows to be sure it was gone.

This would have been much less of an issue if I had just spent a little bit of money and bought Spy Sweeper. Spyware Sweeper has won over 15 awards so you know it is up to the test of even the toughest spyware.

No body wants spyware, it sends information about your browsing habits and your personal information to, well to who knows where. Trust me just check out Spyware Sweeper and save yourself the trouble.

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