$98.87 HD-DVD Player In Wal-Mart Today

Today Wal-Mart is having some pretty awesome in store specials, including a Sanyo 50″ Plasma HDTV for $998, an Acer Laptop for $348, and a Toshiba HD-A2 HD-DVD Player for $98.87.So not only could you pick up a nice brand new 50″ HDTV for $998 but for an extra $98.87 you get yourself HD-DVD as well. That is darn cheap!

I have always been a Blu-ray supporter because of the movies available for it but I have been very hesitant to purchase a player because of the price, at $99 why the heck not.

By the way, you can also pick up select HD-DVD titles at Wal-Mart for $14.96.

All of these items are available in store today starting at 8am.

Wal-Mart Holiday “Secret In-Store Specials”

Samsung’s New Super Thin 40″ LCD

Samsung is going to be showing off a bunch of new displays in Japan at the end of the week. Among those displays is this unbelievable display.

The 40″ TFT LCD is 1cm thick. That isn’t the only small measurement on this display, it also sports a 14.6mm bezel around the actual display. It uses LED backlighting to help reduce power consumption to about 90 Watts.

This display really is amazing and it also shows off the fact that we soon may be able to have displays on all of our walls without the need for pesky projectors.


Where to Buy Consumer Electronics

I’ve always been looking for that right place to purchase all of my tech stuff. I’ve always done most of my online shopping at either Amazon or Newegg. I’ve found a 3rd store to do my shopping. Abt electronics is a great place to buy consumer electronics. They have a great selection as well with all sorts of stuff, from cell phones to TVs and even computers

Abt Electronics also has some great prices but I’ll let you guys know how you can get everything there even cheaper, Abt is having a Labor day sale, all you have to do is type in the code “LABORDAY5” into the “Abt Code” box when you check out and you will save an additional 5%, for full details check out the offer page here. If you can’t think of anything to buy might I suggest a digital video recorder.

I like Abt they have a nice clean easy to navigate website and I’m really amazed that they have been in business for so long, mostly because the internet hasn’t been around since 1936 (I know, they probably started out with a store front). Check’em out.

This post was sponsored by Abt Electronics

TiVo HD Launches

I had mentioned the TiVo Series 3 “Lite” here and here, but it is finally here in the form of the TiVo HD.

The TiVo HD can record up to 20 hours of HD recording and up to 180 hours of SD programming. Has 2 CableCARD slots. It is capable of outputting 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i. The box is gorgeous and you get all of this for $299.

Purchase the TiVo HD

Free 46″ HDTV with PS3 Purchase

Ever wanted to get a free 46″ tv with the purchase of a Playstation 3. Well if you were at the Playstation 3 launch in London then you might have gotten one. The first 100 people to purchase their Playstation 3’s were given a free TV along with a cab ride home.

This was a big suprise to everyone in line and it looks like they gave them a cab ride home because many of them didn’t have a way to transport their brand new tv home.

This is definitely a good way for Sony to start out with a bang in Europe.

Tomorrow is the end of Analog

Ok, its not exactly the end of analog but it is the last day that manufacturers can ship TVs without digital tuners in them. Tomorrow will end the shipping of TVs with just analog tuners. Manufacturers will be required to ship their TVs with digital tuners if they come with analog tuners. The only loophole is if the manufacturers just decide to remove the analog tuner and then they don’t have to have any tuner at all.

This is part of a year long transition from over the air analog broadcast television to digital over the air.

I’m hoping that this will be an easier transition than I’m guessing it will be. My guess is that manufacturers will just decide to save the money and remove the analog and the digital tuner from their televisions possibly causing some confusion for consumers. But, I’m going to hope for the best and just believe that manufacturers will do the right thing and put both in.

Vizio’s 47″ 1080p LCD

The display is only $1899 and it looks to be pretty amazing. I’m excited for some reviews of it but I’m already impressed. I bought myself a 42″ Vizio LCD and I love it. It of course isn’t the best but may be one of the best for your money. You can check out full specs over at its home base.

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