Tomorrow is the end of Analog

Ok, its not exactly the end of analog but it is the last day that manufacturers can ship TVs without digital tuners in them. Tomorrow will end the shipping of TVs with just analog tuners. Manufacturers will be required to ship their TVs with digital tuners if they come with analog tuners. The only loophole is if the manufacturers just decide to remove the analog tuner and then they don’t have to have any tuner at all.

This is part of a year long transition from over the air analog broadcast television to digital over the air.

I’m hoping that this will be an easier transition than I’m guessing it will be. My guess is that manufacturers will just decide to save the money and remove the analog and the digital tuner from their televisions possibly causing some confusion for consumers. But, I’m going to hope for the best and just believe that manufacturers will do the right thing and put both in.

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