Yahoo in Talks With Time Warner for AOL Merger

Over the holiday weekend Yahoo spent time talking with Time Warner. Yahoo has been trying to figure out ways to fend off a takeover attempt by Microsoft and the crazy activist shareholder Carl Icahn.

The idea is to merge AOL with Yahoo which would bring a lot of content and help the advertising area of Yahoo get some more eye balls.

Icahn is suggesting his own slate of new directors that all support the Microsoft takeover. At Yahoo’s general meeting on August 1 we’ll see some clear arguments over the future of the company.

The only other deal that I’ve seen that Yahoo is trying to make to stop the hostility within the company and outside of it is the ad deal with Google which is currently being looked at by the Department of Justice.

I personally wish all of this stuff would stop, there doesn’t seem to be any real evidence that the best thing for Yahoo would be for them to be taken over by Microsoft. I really think that if Microsoft was to takeover Yahoo it would be bad for both companies and great for Google. The managerial issues of merging the two companies would be terribly complicated and would buy some more time for Google to pull further and further ahead.

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