Apple Diverting iPhone From Canada to Europe

Daniel Smith claims that Apple has diverted a large number of its initial iPhone 3G Canadian deliveries to Europe in retribution for Roger’s expensive rate plans. Some Canadian stores may only receive 10-20 iPhones each and are being told not to promise ample stock on launch day.

Since the story broke over the weekend neither Rogers or Apple have commented on the news. Rogers has seen a heavy backlash from 42,000 would be iPhone customers signing a petition for lower rates that they plan to deliver to Rogers in person.

Rogers has done very little about the petition other then clarify to the press that customers will be able to pick and choose from separate voice and data plans instead of them being bundled.

So I wonder if this is the case for all carriers around the world that Apple believes to have less then favorable iPhone plans, this could be a very powerful bargaining chip to convince cell carriers to lower rates and increase data limits.


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