EFiX OS X Installing Coming on the 7th For $125

Wilhelm von Vnukov, the CEO of EFiX has said that the V2 edition of the OSX installing device for non Macs will be available on July 7. The V1 edition will come a few weeks later.

The difference between V1 and V2 is that V2 will have support for more motherboards and experimental support for some prototype motherboards. The price for the V2 will be €80 (about $125).

Taiwan and Bulgaria will be the first countries where the device will be available with the US listed as being “in negotiation.” EFiX is promising that the price for the device will come down with mass production.

My initial thought would be that EFiX won’t ever sell this in the US because of Apples TOS for Leopard but, Psystar hasn’t seen any legal action taken against them so maybe EFiX will try the hope-Apple-doesn’t-notice-us route.


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