Adobe Creative Suite 4 Crack In Less Than 2 Weeks

With every new release of Creative Suite all of those clever hackers spend countless hours finding ways of getting around all of Adobe’s anti-piracy systems.

This time around it took hackers a little less than two weeks to release a crack for Photoshop CS4. Both Windows and Mac versions of the entire Creative Suite are now available on various torrent trackers and many of them even contain the files necessary to crack the applications in the suite.

The first crack came in the form of a keygen that would let you use the CS for a full year before the software would deactivate itself but newer cracks actually modify your computers HOSTS file so that the application can’t actually access adobe’s servers and therefore is unable to deactivate itself.

The game of cat and mouse continues and it seems that no matter what Adobe does someone out there will be able to crack it.


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