CodeWeavers Offers Free Software For Today Only

Jeremy White, CodeWeavers CEO made a promise 3 months ago. That promise was to offer CodeWeaver products free for one day if George Bush was able to achieve one of Jeremy White’s “Lame Duck” goals.

It seemed as though these goals were never going to be met but then the price of crude oil started to drop and eventually the cost of gasoline in Minneapolis dropped down to the target $2.79 level to meet one of White’s goals.

So today only you will be able to grab all of CodeWeavers products for completely free. There is a one license per customer limit (I haven’t been able to access the website yet so I don’t know if you will be able to get more than one product for free or if you have to choose one of those products).

The offer runs from midnight to midnight CST so head on over to the site and pick up your free copy. I’m probably only going to grab the game specific version but I might grab all of them because they are free.


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