T-Mobile G1 Having Some Serious E-Mail Problems

The darling of the anti-iPhone crowd, T-Mobile G1, is beginning to show some signs that it truly is a new mobile platform and therefore must have some bugs.

Word comes from the T-Mobile forums that both POP3 and IMAP email is having connection errors about 95% of the time when they check their email. These users are also experiencing emails not sending or sending as null.

The problem doesn’t seem to be tied to a single email provider and the only way to fix the problem (for a short while anyway) is to reset the phone. Curiously Gmail doesn’t seem to be on the list of problematic email providers.

A T-Mobile representative has responded saying “This is being reported” and “will be researched with a high priority.” Also saying that they have seen a problem like this before, “We used to see similar errors and symptoms with the old MyEmail service and the new consumer Email Client. Those are found on regular phones, but do encounter issues when there are more than 100 e-mails on the POP server or when there are emails with relatively large attachments.”

It looks like if you were waiting for the G1 and email is your killer app, your going to be waiting a little bit longer before you jump on in. This will be a huge fiasco if T-Mobile doesn’t resolve it quick, a major component of a mobile device like email can’t be left unfixed for too long.

T-Mobile Forums

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  1. The problems with the G1 native eMail app continue
    into the first quarter of 2009. Even with a few
    G1 updates, the native eMail app has not been fixed.

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