New Features in iPhone Firmware 2.2 Beta 2

Apple will be continuing to improve the iPhone experience thanks to their subscription based accounting and some of those lucky enough to have iPhone firmware 2.2 beta 2 have been able to bring us some insight into what we will be seeing in the upcoming firmware release.

One of the most interesting features (and possibly the reasoning behind the denial of Podcaster to the app store) is the ability to download podcasts directly to the device. The feature will be a huge improvement in my mind (since I live off of podcasts) but unfortunately the feature doesn’t seem to be working properly in the most recent build.

Apple is also going to try and get more people to rate applications by popping up a window asking you to rate the app during the uninstall process.

While browsing the App Store on the phone you will be able to view more than one screenshot of the application.

The last of the features that have been outed is the ability to view Google Maps in Street View mode by tilting the iPhone into landscape mode. Along with this feature Google Maps will also be able to support public transportation data and walking directions.

I’ll be honest with all of you, I really loved the iPhone when I first purchased it (June 29, 2007) and I knew that Apple would be eventually adding new features through software updates but I never thought that I would be seriously considering the possibility of not bringing my laptop with me when I go on trips. The iPhone does almost everything I need it to and because of that I might be able to go without the laptop on trips. Apple really has made a great product and shows no sign of slowing down with its improvements.

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