My Favorite Fire Eagle Applications

After writing my post yesterday about Fire Eagle I recieved an invite from Chad Dickerson (thank you very much) and have spent the past day playing around with some of the applications that use the service.

I’m only going to mention two of the applications that I use because I don’t really have a use for the others. The first application (which is actually a group of widgets) are called “fire widget.” They include a location updating widget, a weather widget, and a Flickr photo widget. The location updating widget does just what it says, allows me to easily update my location from within Dashboard. The Weather widget shows me the weather of the most recent location from Fire Eagle. The last widget is the most interesting one, it displays photos from Flickr that have been geotagged near my latest location from Fire Eagle.

The other application that I like is called Metosphere, it allows me to geotag locations with reviews, alerts, events, etc. (I’ve never used it and probably never will.Metosphere also allows me to report graffiti or something that needs to be repaired in a city (I’m not sure where the info goes but at least gets the information out there) seemingly so that it will get cleaned up/fixed. My favorite thing about Metosphere though is the ability to see nearby events coming up in my area.

Now what I’d like to see is an application that updates my location by remembering Wifi networks that my MacBook connects to and if I connect to a new location it asks me where I am so that if I connect to it again it can automatically update my location with the data.

I talked a little bit about integration with the iPhone in my last post and I want to write a little more about that. I think that with the iPhone’s clear focus on location based services and Fire Eagle being a way to push that data into the cloud and use it on applications that live on the phone, in the phones browser, or on the desktop we can see some serious things happening with Fire Eagle in the next 12-18 months.


  1. Hi there,

    I’ve been reading about FireEagle for a long time now and am really keen on trying out this service, but have had no luck so far with sign-ups.

    If you do have an invite still available, would be able to send me one at [email redacted]? Many thanks!

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