Netflix Profiles Not Ending

On June 20 I talked about Netflix getting rid of multiple profiles on a single account and yesterday Netflix announced that they would NOT be getting rid of this feature after all saying:

“We were persuaded by the well-reasoned, sincere responses of loyal members who very much value this feature.”

So I guess those who got angry and freaked out about it didn’t help at all but those who had level heads about the situation and simply told Netflix how much value they see in these profiles.

The profiles feature isn’t going to be available to everyone yet, those who have been using it will still be able to access it and will see no changes but non-users of the feature will not be able to access this feature for another 2-3 weeks (I guess it is going to take them a while to turn all the knobs back on).

I realized a few months ago that I have started to surround myself with products and services from companies who actually care what their customers think. My best examples of good companies have been Netflix and Apple, I was worried that Netflix was going to go through with it and ignore the complaints, but, like all good companies, they heard the complaints and responded to them.

Profiles feature NOT going away

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