Dell Shows Off PC With Bamboo Case

Michael Dell recently gave a speech at the Fortune Green conference where he showed off a “never before seen” eco friendly computer with a bamboo casing. Now Dell didn’t give a product name yet and didn’t mention any specs but did say that it would be coming out later this year for $500-$700.

The small computer is 81% smaller than a standard desktop and uses 70% less power than a standard desktop.

If you have any questions about the just how environmentally friendly this computer is Dell said that it is filled with recycled materials like old bottles, detergent cases, and milk jugs.

This is the second of (what I hope to be) many more good designs from Dell, the first being the crystal LCD monitor, which I think would go great with this bamboo box. I am worried about the fact that we haven’t heard specs yet. I think that if this isn’t just another low powered computer with a fancy case but actually has some good storage, an optical drive, and a decent CPU then this thing will sell really well.

More pictures of the Dell Bamboo computer can be found at earth2tech.

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