Dell Crystal 22-Inch Monitor Goes on Sale

Dell has been showing off this beautiful monitor as a concept design for about 7 months now and now you can officially purchase one.

The monitor is supposed to ship within the next few days. The specs don’t make it a high end monitor exactly but its design is just gorgeous.

The widescreen 22″ monitor has a resolution of 1680×1050 with a response time of 2ms and a 2000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The monitor comes with 4 built in speakers with an output for an outboard subwoofer. There is also a mounted webcam at the top of the monitor. There are inputs for DVI and HDCP compliant HDMI (no mention of DisplayPort).

The monitor will cost you $1199 which is much more expensive than Dell’s other 22″ monitors (which go for around $300).

It seems that Dell (with this monitor at least) is making some type of attempt to make good looking products, let’s hope this continues in the future (I’ve never been a fan of Dell’s designs).

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