Samsung Introduces the S2 “Pebble” and S3 Portable Media Players

Samsung has introduced two new media players into the market that look like great competitors compared to all of the other media players out there. The S2 “Pebble” is a tiny little audio player with 1GB of storage and an FM tuner. The S2 plays back WMA, MP3, and Ogg files and comes in purple, red, green, and black/white. The S2 has up to 13 hours of battery life.

The other player is the S3 which comes in 4Gb and 8GB models and has a 1.8″ 240×320 displays and supports MP3, MP4, and WMA. This player also has an FM tuner, flash games and comes in green, blue, red, or black/white. The S3 has up to 25 hours of battery life while playing audio and up to 4 hours while watching video.

Both of these players will be available in June and there is no word yet on pricing.

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