Is the Latest Mac Mini Image a Fake?

Mac Mini Leak 2/20/09

On the same day as the recent leaked Mac Mini photo is deemed a fake by an image analysis a video of the rumored Mac Mini surfaces.

I don’t claim to know a whole lot about spotting photoshopped images but the the analysis done below does seem to make some sense, the only problem is that now we have a video of the same Mac Mini that these analyzers say isn’t real.

Mac Mini Leak Analysis 02/20/09

The jury is still out as to whether or not this is the new Mac Mini but we won’t know until Apple actually announces it themselves.

Is the 5-USB Mac Mini a fake? | 9 to 5 Mac.

Gregory Raiz’s Proposed Kindle Redesign

Gregory Raiz's Kindle Redesign

I really like this redesign but I don’t think the color screen is necessary. I’m not even sure if ePaper technology is to the point where you can have color screens with no backlight for a price that would allow Amazon to actually sell one of these things.

The new design of the Kindle is great but Raiz’s design is clearly one step further in the right direction.

Kindle Design – Still Sucks | Greg’s Head.

First Screenshots of Tiger Woods ’09 for the iPhone

Tiger Woods '09 1

Craig Law of EA has posted some screenshots on the Touch Arcade forums showing the first glimpses of Tiger Woods ’09 for the iPhone. The game was announced in September and although a release date is yet to be announced the game will probably be out in just a few months.

I have to say it is looking really good. I’m not really in to golf video games but I can appreciate the graphics in this game. These screenshots really show that the iPhone has some horsepower and stuff like this gets me really excited for the future of the iPhone as a gaming platform.

Tiger Woods '09 2

Tiger Woods '09 3

First Screenshots of EA’s Tiger Woods ‘09 iPhone Game | Touch Arcade.

Photo of Next Generation Mac Mini

Mac Mini Leak 2/20/09

The image above shows the rear of a Mac Mini that has 5 USB ports, FireWire 800, both Mini DisplayPort and mini DVI, Ethernet, along with audio in and out.

The port configuration on this new photo does seem to confirm previous rumors about the upcoming Mac Mini revision.

The image was posted on the MacRumors forums and it seems that they are the originator of the image. The forum member also claims the system will ship with a 2GHz Core 2 Duo with 3MB of L2 cache, 2GB DDR3 RAM, and an ATA Super Drive. The user didn’t comment on the rumors of the new Mac Mini featuring a chipset made by Nvidia, as the new MacBooks have.

I’m considering purchasing a Mac Mini in June to be used as a media server, I plan on connecting a Turbo.264, an Elgato EyeTV Hybrid, and maybe even an external hard drive so all of those USB ports will be greatly appreciated.

There has been some question on the AppleInsider forums as to why Apple would have FireWire 800 in the Mac Mini instead of FireWire 400, claiming that 400 is more consumer level. But, I see Apple attempting to completely remove FireWire from its products over the next few years and one of those steps is to move all of their products that will have FireWire up to the highest standard so that the idea of having an adapter might convince some people that FireWire won’t be around forever. It is a simple mind trick that will probably get people to start buying USB drives just because they don’t want to mess with adapters.

AppleInsider | Photo of next-gen Apple Mac mini in the wild.

Google Chrome Running On OS X

Chrome Running on Mac

The developers who have been working on Chrome over at Google have shifted gears from layout tests and WebKit compatibility to getting the user interface up and running on the Mac. Over the past few weeks the team working on the project have improved the code to the point where they have a fairly well running Cocoa UI and on top of that the app in its current stage will actually let you open and close tabs, which also opens and closes processes which the developers can watch happen using Activity Monitor.

Google has come along way with Chrome and although it might not ever get me to switch from Firefox I will sure be glad to have another competitor in the browser space, even if it only makes other broswers faster at rendering (but I would rather have web pages render faster than have a feature race).

Sucking less, on a budget: It’s Alive.

Photo of Matte-Back iPhone Emerges

iPhone Matte Back 1

Obviously this is a rumor and there is no way of knowing whether or not this is true but these images appear to be a new iPhone model number A1303.

The new case seems to have a matte finish instead of the current glossy look and the case also seems to have the usual model no., FCC ID, etc. etched onto the material which leads the iPod Observer to believe that the case is made out of metal instead of plastic. I don’t see Apple moving back to metal because of issues with the antenna but I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple found another material that was as strong as metal but let cellular signals through.

I hope that Apple will show us something in the world of iPhone this summer as they have been over the past two years and maybe this will be the new model. All I can say for sure is, when the next iPhone comes out I’ll be waiting with cash in hand.

Leaked iPhone Photo Suggests Matte Black Revision | MacBlogz – One Stop Apple News.

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Amazon Kindle 2 official images, Price, and Release Date

Amazon Kindle 2

These images were posted on the forums at and the poster (Alexander Turcic) claimed that they were official images. Alexander Turcic also claims that the Kindle 2 will go on sale on February 24, 2009 (release date unconfirmed) for $359.

The new Kindle looks significantly better then the previous Kindle. Not only does it seem much easier to hold then the previous Kindle but it also has a much better button layout and looks much thinner than the original.

I wanted the Kindle before, but now I really want the new Kindle, almost enough to pay $359 for it (seriously shouldn’t this device be like $249?).

Exclusive: Amazon Kindle 2 official images + price + release date – MobileRead Forums.

I’ve posted all of the images here just in case they get taken down from the linked page. View the rest after the jump

Sony Officially Announces Vaio P

Sony Vaio P

Sony has officially announced what everyone was expecting, the Vaio P notebook.  It is the worlds lightest 8-inch notebook at just 1.4 pounds (and because of its small size I will now call it a netbook, even though Sony doesn’t want me to). The netbook features Windows Vista, a 1600×768 resolution LED backlit LCD display, 802.11n, 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, 4-8 hours of battery life (depending on whether or not you get the high capacity battery), and GPS.

Sony has also decided to include an “instant on” OS that boots into Sony’s “Xross Media Bar” interface. The device will start shipping in early February for $900 and will come in garnet red, emerald green, onyx black, crystal white, and classic black.

Sony Vaio P Open

I do have some more opinions on the hardware itself, The Sony Vaio P is more attractive closed than open. The keyboard seems more cluttered than the Palm Centro’s, and that is a device significantly smaller than the Vaio P.

I like the idea behind using a wider display to make more room for a decent sized keyboard but the display is just too darn small. in my opinion I’d rather have a slightly taller screen and a little bit more of a lip below the keyboard, this will of course make the netbook itself larger but the increased screen real estate would be well worth it.

I have no problem with their choice of mousing device, too many netbooks have trackpads that are just too darn small, the little nub in the center of the keyboard was a much better choice than a tiny trackpad. But, the mouse buttons are just too close to the edge of the device, although I haven’t played around with the netbook at all it appears that using one hand to mouse around and a second hand to click with (as I do often on my MacBook) would be uncomfortable.

The pixel density on the screen appears to be too high, which undoubtedly will leave many squinting while trying to read text on the screen.

Sony is just doing what it usually does, build a very decent notebook that seems to focus more on form than function. I had high hopes for this device but Sony really missed the mark.

Sony gets official with VAIO P: world’s lightest 8-inch netbook – Engadget.