Asus Eee PC Goes On Sale On Newegg

The Asus Eee PC is a pretty cool little Linux based laptop, I would love to have this thing. It is very similar to the Palm Foleo except it is cheaper. just began selling the Eee PC for $399.99 (not exactly $299 as I posted about a while back, here), here are the specs:

Intel Mobile CPU
7″ WVGA Display
512MB DDR2
4GB Solid-State Disk
Intel UMA Graphics
3.5 hours of battery life
Built in Web cam
2.0 lbs

Not exactly the most powerful system but it sure is lightweight and useful for people who just need to do some email or web browsing, and maybe even some word processing.

If you are curious about the interface of the device there is a cool little website showing it off that you can check out here.

Buy the Asus Eee PC here.

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