Palm’s New Laptop-like Device, The Palm Foleo

I know what most of you are thinking this device looks kind of cool but why would I ever want to buy one? Well I’ll tell you right now that I probably won’t ever buy one however if I had the extra money I would. Reason being: it is amazing.

The Palm Foleo is very similar to the Nokia N800 which I also think is a great device. The reason you would buy one is because a lot of your life is online. I personally spend a lot of my free time online (obviously). I don’t use a lot of desktop applications, I use Gmail, Google Reader, Twitter, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, etc. So most of the time I don’t want to have to get out a device with a lot of bloat if I just want to jump on wikipedia and look up something. I also don’t want to carry my hot running MacBook around the house when all I’m going to be doing is surfing Digg or writing some email.

Now I do understand that $599 is a little much for a device like this, its basically a Nokia N800 with a keyboard for $200 more. But I think that if they could find a way to drop the price $100-$200 it would be something that a whole lot more people would be looking at.

What I cannot find anywhere is whether or not this thing has Wifi. I would assume that it does however the only type of wireless systems that I can find anyone talking about is it wirelessly syncing to your Treo, that would most likely be done over Bluetooth. I’m going to assume however that it does have Wifi.

The device will not make it in the market. No one is going to want to buy it at that price. I don’t think it will last more than 6 months. The device just doesn’t have a large enough customer base for enough people to get behind it. Not to mention that fact that so money blogs are already saying that it is a useless device.

Just please, for me, check it out, it is really cool.

Palm Foleo

And here are some places where you can find more pictures of the device:

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