Western Digital Announces 320GB Laptop Drive

Western Digital has always been my favorite hard drive maker, mostly because of their 10,000RPM hard drives but also because I’ve always felt that they were smart about business. Well, Western Digital gave me another reason to love them when yesterday they announced a 320GB 2.5″ 5400RPM hard drive.

The 320GB hard drive will begin shipping immediately and should begin showing up in computers and stores in December.

“It’s looking like people are willing to trade performance for attributes that were important before, like power and acoustics,” a Western Digital rep said. “They want that small form factor in their home and the highest capacity available to store all their data.”

Western Digital shipped their first 160GB laptop drive in 2006 and their first 250GB laptop drives in May of this year, it looks like the hard drive companies are pushing capacities bigger and bigger with seemingly no end in sight (however, I do believe that for most people a 160GB hard drive is plenty for the next couple of years, just my opinion).

This is most likely going to be my next hard drive, currently I have a 160GB hard drive but I’m expecting that with my ever increasing media library I will be needing an upgrade soon (I’m not the average user, I buy a lot of TV shows through iTunes).


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