HIS Releases 2900 Pro

HIS Apperently jumped the gun a little bit on the release of the 2900 Pro which hasn’t been announced yet by ATI, although it was leaked in the latest graphics card driver.

You can see the HIS product page for the 2900 Pro here.

This card is very similar to the 2900 XT, using the same GPU and memory with the only difference being that it is clocked at 600MHz core and 1600MHz memory, slower than the XT, which clocks in at 743MHz core and 2000MHz memory.

What is really great about this card is that the price is going to be lower then the 2900 XT, maybe not by much but just enough to justify purchasing it and overclocking it to 2900XT speeds for no extra cost, other then a little tinkering.

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