iPhone announced for the UK

The iPhone for the UK IS the same iPhone as we have here in the states, sorry guys no 3g. But, missing 3g isn’t an issue because 7,000 WiFi hot spots will be available for iPhone customers to use. Cloud is going to be the provider of the hot spots.

The iPhone will be available on November 9th and when it launches O2’s network will be 30% EDGE (remember O2 skipped EDGE, they went from GPRS to HSDPA). The iPhone will be priced at £269 which is about $542 US.

The iTunes WiFi music store is also coming to the UK, during the question and answer Jobs said that the WiFi music store will be coming this month but obviously you won’t be able to use it because the iPhone won’t be available until November 9th.

The phone will come with a contract, an 18 month contract (1 year and 6 months, not exactly 2 years like it is here). The unlimited data plan that you sign up for with the phone does come with a limit though, 1,400 internet pages per day would break the deal as part of fair usage agreement.

Another little tid bit of information I’d like to let you all know, when asked “Were you aware that the iPod touch was coming out when you were negotiating the iPhone deal?” Matthew of O2 said “One of the great things about working with Apple is they are always moving forward.” which says to me that O2 wasn’t informed about the iPod Touch until it came out.

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