Apple Issues $100 Credit

Apple finally issued the $100 credit to iPhone users. Now we can all go ahead and spend it on… Apple stuff.

So I asked everyone what they were planning on buying with their credit in my post “Oh Steve Jobs, You Mastermind,” here are a few of the responses:

“I’m thinking an iPod classic or an iPod nano. I have to get them both in my hands first before I choose which one. Or, Leopard does come out next month… but I already get an EDU discount on that.” – Andrew

Not a bad idea, I was considering one of those fancy iPod Nanos or an iPod Classic, but I agree that you really need to get your hands on them before you buy. Everyone that I have talked to says that the Nanos look really good in person, but I’ve heard some negatives about the new user interface. Leopard is another really good option, I don’t get an EDU discount so getting it for $100 off wouldn’t be too bad.

“Well, I would get an iPod Touch personally, but as an iPhone owner that probably doesn’t appeal to you ;)” – Kyle Eslick

I don’t mind the iPod Touch, I think its really cool. I don’t like the fact that their is no Mail application and the screen is a little iffy but other then that its great. If you were wondering why should buy the iPhone instead of the iPod Touch here is a good place to look.

“it’s great that he’s giving back some of the money but i still say it’s a scam. of course he’s going to give you store credit as soon as the new versions of ipods come out, that way it will look good for him. how come the people that bought the iphone 2 months ago can’t get the whole $200?


I’m not sure if it is exactly a scam, I’m still a little upset that the early adopter tax had to be so expensive but I am at least glad I’m getting something out of it. I do think that it is a little annoying that Apple is giving it out in store credit, especially since it most likely will only cost Apple $50 per credit given out, and most people will spend more then the $100.

Alright, I think that I actually come to a conclusion about what I’m going to buy. But, I don’t want to spend any money out of my pocket so here is what I’m going to do, sell my 60GB 5g iPod and maybe my 2GB 1g Nano and in turn purchase a brand new AppleTV. I don’t really use my 60GB iPod for anything other then watching video on my TV from iTunes (which would be done by the AppleTV) and I only use the Nano occasionally when I want to listen to music while I go to sleep (which can be done with my iPod Shuffle just the same). This isn’t set in stone yet however I might end up buying something else, especially since the iPod Nano can output 480p and 574p with a $50 cable, which might end up being a better option for me in the long run, I still don’t know really, I guess it will take some more thinking.

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  1. I’ve got my hands on both a classic and nano a few times now at the Apple Store. They are really great iPods, both of them. Everyone who says the don’t like the nano should really see one in person. They are really really super extra thin and a 2D picture doesn’t do it justice. At first I thought the scroll wheel was way to thin (or I had a fat thumb), but every time I saw it I liked more and more.

    Now, I don’t know if I’m even going to get a iPod anymore. I’m thinking maybe a new keyboard + a new iPhone case, because the Apple Store has a lot more to choose from now.

    So many choices…

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