AMD Leaks New Graphics Card Models

It’s always funny when a company leaks its own products before they come out. In this case the release notes of the most recent graphics card drivers list these cards as being supported:

Radeon HD 2900 Pro

Radeon HD 2350 Series

Radeon HD 2600 X2 Series

Well, these cards aren’t out yet. theInquirer says this about the story:

“We can fairly easily guess what the first two are – low-clocked 2900 XT, low-clocked 2400 – but what the 2600 X2 constitutes we’re really not sure. A higher-clocked version of the 2600, or even the much-rumoured CrossFire-on-a-card version?”

It seems that this is about the time that new graphics cards start to come to light, graphics cards are getting much more powerful for the money you pay for them which is great for consumers like me that enjoy playing games occasionally but don’t need to have all of the eye candy.

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