iPhone Unlocked For All To Enjoy

It’s all over for AT&T (not really) the iPhone has officially been unlocked (for some time now) and now it is available for everyone to enjoy. At the time of writing this there is not a GUI version available but one should be coming soon. The iPhone Dev Team has obviously been working hard, and it has payed off.

“To pull this off you’ll need iUnlock + nor + the .fls file, which is available in ZIPs all over. Good list of links here, or try here, here, here, here, and here.” –Engadget

No one can give any guarantees that you won’t brick your phone and it isn’t exactly for the faint of heart but it does work. I’m not going to try it on my phone but for those with a little bit of gadget lust and who don’t live in the states or can’t get AT&T service this is for you (especially if you have $400 to throw around).

This also comes after Gearlog posts about how Apple doesn’t hate iPhone developers.
Here is their summary of the article:

“Apple will neither forbid nor support native code on the iPhone/Touch. They will not design software updates specifically to break native apps, but if the updates happen to break native apps or your native apps turn your iPhone into a rutabaga, don’t go crying to Apple, ’cause it ain’t their problem. Capiche?”

Here are a couple of guides to help you out:
Free iPhone Software Unlock Guide
Unlock the iPhone -a simple tutorial!

Have fun with your iPhones!

For all of the updates on development, Engadget has a great post where they are updating whenever something new happens check that out here.

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