Why You Should Buy the iPhone And Not The iPod Touch


The iPod Touch was announced last week and a lot of people were thinking, “that is exactly what I wanted!” Well I’m here to tell you that you are wrong and that you do want the iPhone and not the iPod Touch, here is why:

  1. The calendar app can’t add events – Just like the iPods the calendar is just for viewing. That’s right you can’t add events to the calendar on the iPod Touch, who wants that?
  2. No Google Maps – One of the applications that I have found the most useful on the iPhone is the Google Maps application. Well, the iPod Touch doesn’t have the Google Maps app.
  3. No weather app – Of course you can just go to weather.com or some other weather website but why be trapped in Safari all day, the weather widget on the iPhone is super simple and extremely clean, its also not on the iPod Touch.
  4. No Email app – the iPod Touch does not have an email application, just like the weather widget problem you can use Safari to deal with email but (like many others) my favorite email provider is Gmail which doesn’t work at all in mobile Safari.
  5. The iPhone has visual voicemail – some people don’t think that the visual voicemail is that compelling but I’ll tell you what, the first time that you wake up late and have 10 voicemail messages on your phone that you can pick and choose which one to listen to first, you will truly realize why visual voicemail is so cool.
  6. The iPod Touch doesn’t have a camera – Although the iPhones camera isn’t that great it is extremely handy, I find myself taking pictures much more often just because the camera app is so simple to use.
  7. The iPhone has been unlocked! – That means that all of the people who wanted iPod Touch because of not having to tie themselves to AT&T can get themselves an iPhone, unlock it, and use it with any carrier they want.
  8. Microphone built into headphones is great – Yes, I am one of the few that actually uses the headphones that came with the iPhone, not only because they sound good enough to me and fell fine in my ear, but also because I love having the microphone and button built into the headphones, the people I talk to on the phone think it sounds great and the ability to squeeze the button to control the iPod app and answer calls is awesome.
  9. The extra storage is no big deal – Ok, ok, the iPod Touch has twice the capacity, that’s all fine and good until you realize that iTunes is extremely powerful and allowing you to easily choose what you want on the iPhone and what you don’t really need, I have the 8GB iPhone and 3GB of music and 3GB of video is just fine for me, why do people think that they need 500 hours of audio and 50 hours of video in their pocket? You don’t have time to listen/watch all of that content.
  10. YOU CAN’T GET THE IPOD TOUCH YET – You can walk to your local AT&T or iPhone store and pick up an iPhone TODAY, but the iPod Touch doesn’t ship until September 28th. I don’t know about you but I usually don’t want to have to wait for my gadgets.


  1. I agree with all but #5. Even though the apple visual voicemail is great Youmail is still better and works with any cell phone. I’d still rather have an iphone, just thought I’d put in my .02 on that one little tid bit.

  2. You cant use the iPHone with any network you want. Prime example, Verizon does not work with the iPhone.

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