Lower Priced MacBooks and MacBook Pros with the Possibility of Cheaper iPod Touchs

At Apple’s earnings call it was mentioned that Apple would be having a product transition soon and that it would have to lower margins because of it.

That of course caused a wildfire in the blogosphere with speculation of everything from a Mac tablet to cheaper notebooks.

The two possibilities that make the most sense is that Apple could be releasing sub-$1000 notebooks. Piper Jaffray said Tuesday that there is an 80% chance that Apple will introduced redesigned MacBooks and maybe even MacBook Pros at the $999 price point for the MacBook and $1799 for the MacBook Pro.

But, this product transition could be a cheaper iPod Touch which would transition the iPod product line from the old click-wheel style iPods to the new touch models. If the iPod Touch was priced at $199 it would be much more comparable to the iPhone 3G and really the only differences being GPS, Bluetooth, integrated speakers, and the GSM radio.

I’ve thought for a while about the possibility that Apple would drop the price of the iPod Touch and integrate GPS into it as well and then releasing a turn-by-turn application for the TouchOS. This would essentially turn the iPod Touch into a navigation system as well as an iPod and internet tablet.

Aluminium MacBook With Multi-Touch and New MacBook Pro Design at WWDC

A reader of MacRumors came across a .Mac web page yesterday that contained images for Apple products. Two of the products on this web page aren’t shipping yet. A new Aluminium MacBook with Multi-Touch and a new MacBook Pro that looks super thin and has an iMac-like screen.

Usually this would just be dismissed as a Apple fan mock up but the web page did list a valid @apple.com iTunes store account and password.

MacRumors didn’t like to the page because of the account information but did post screenshots of it.

The pages also included information for iTunes 8, a 32GB iPhone, and a WWDC launch date (June 10th).

The fact that this is a live site makes me find it very hard to believe but at the same time, the design work is very well done and looks very similar to designs that Apple uses on their site as well. So take this with a grain of salt if you’d like but it has been quite a while since we’ve seen any updates to the notebook designs and the upgrades mentioned are exactly what the rumors of design changes have been for months now. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this is exactly what we saw.


Apple Releases New MacBooks and MacBook Pros

Apple continued its latest release schedule today (of releasing something every Tuesday) with upgrades to the MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup.

Unfortunately the MacBook did not get the addition of the multi-touch trackpad although the MacBook Pro did. This choice was most likely to give consumers some reason to buy the MacBook Air at its high price.

The MacBook now has the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processor with options from 2.1GHz to 2.4GHz. The MacBook’s available hard drives range from 120GB to 250GB.

The MacBook Pro now has the latest Nvidia graphics card now featuring up to 512MB of video memory, the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processor, up to 2.6GHz, and hard drives up to 300GB in capacity.

If you would like to pick up one of these new laptops you can get the new MacBook here, or the new MacBook Pro here.

February 26th Apple Event

There is quite a rumor going around that there will be an Apple event tentatively scheduled for Feb 26. The rumor says that this will be when Apple will release the iPhone/iTouch SDK and possibly some applications from privileged developers.

I hope that this is true, I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for this darn SDK to come out, I just can’t wait to start loading up my iPhone with cool little applications.

There are also rumors that Apple may be announcing some products that they had been planning on releasing at NAB, Apple recently announced that they would not be attending that show.

I’ve also heard that it is possible that Apple could be releasing new MacBook Pros at the event, maybe with Intel’s new Penryn chip and (god I hope) a multi-touch trackpad, although with the price/performance of the MacBook Air, the multi-touch trackpad is one of the only things that is making me even consider purchasing that product, if I could get it in a MacBook Pro, that’s what I would buy.

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New MacBook Pros Rumored To Be Coming Soon


MiniBatteryLogger provides public battery tracking logs and recently an entry with an identifier of “MacBookPro4,1.”

Now the current MacBook Pros carry a system identifier label of “MacBookPro3,1.”

The latest developer seeds of Mac OS X 10.5.2 has also shown signs of the same model.

To make things a little bit more interesting Mac Rumors got confirmation that the battery log information came from an Apple IP address so the identifier number does have all the makings of being completely authentic.

Presumably this new MacBook Pro would include the new mobile Penryn chip and possibly even see the addition of the new mutli-trouch trackpad that can be found on the MacBook Air.

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