Aluminium MacBook With Multi-Touch and New MacBook Pro Design at WWDC

A reader of MacRumors came across a .Mac web page yesterday that contained images for Apple products. Two of the products on this web page aren’t shipping yet. A new Aluminium MacBook with Multi-Touch and a new MacBook Pro that looks super thin and has an iMac-like screen.

Usually this would just be dismissed as a Apple fan mock up but the web page did list a valid iTunes store account and password.

MacRumors didn’t like to the page because of the account information but did post screenshots of it.

The pages also included information for iTunes 8, a 32GB iPhone, and a WWDC launch date (June 10th).

The fact that this is a live site makes me find it very hard to believe but at the same time, the design work is very well done and looks very similar to designs that Apple uses on their site as well. So take this with a grain of salt if you’d like but it has been quite a while since we’ve seen any updates to the notebook designs and the upgrades mentioned are exactly what the rumors of design changes have been for months now. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this is exactly what we saw.



  1. Im deffo trading my Macbook in if they bring aluminum ones out, the current Macbook’s build quality is nowhere near as good as the pro’s so some aluminum and a black keyboard to stop the keys getting dirty would be great.

  2. @Steve Embleton I’ve had some problems with my MacBook as well and the fact that the case would be made out of aluminium instead of plastic would fix probably 99% of the build quality problems.

  3. That alu MacBook looks great! I wanna buy a MacBook at june, so should i wait? ant that multitouch pad… wow! it’s just awsome!

  4. @Sigi I don’t know if I would necessarily tell you to wait, there isn’t really confirmation as to when this new MacBook would be released although the current rumors point to the 3Q of this year. If you can wait until Apple releases a new version of the MacBook I would but if you need a computer I would say just buy it.

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