Psystar Seems To Be Some Sort of Hoax

So Gizmodo decided to do some investigative reporting and looked into what is actually at the supposed location of the Mac clone making Psystar.

First of all, the address on the website did change at some point in the past couple of days from a residence to the address of a USA Koen Pack. Yes, that’s right, so if this company actually does exist either they are very secretive about their location or USA Keon Pack acquired them for an untold sum of money.

So now that this is know, if you were thinking about buying the OpenMac, don’t because who knows what they are going to do with your credit card information. If you want a cheap headless Mac, just buy a Mac Mini and deal with the lower powered computer, it isn’t that big of a deal, I’ve been running on a MacBook (which has incredibly similar specs to the Mac Mini) for over a year now and it runs just fine, not the speediest thing on the block (or in my house) but it does all that I need it to.


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