February 26th Apple Event

There is quite a rumor going around that there will be an Apple event tentatively scheduled for Feb 26. The rumor says that this will be when Apple will release the iPhone/iTouch SDK and possibly some applications from privileged developers.

I hope that this is true, I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for this darn SDK to come out, I just can’t wait to start loading up my iPhone with cool little applications.

There are also rumors that Apple may be announcing some products that they had been planning on releasing at NAB, Apple recently announced that they would not be attending that show.

I’ve also heard that it is possible that Apple could be releasing new MacBook Pros at the event, maybe with Intel’s new Penryn chip and (god I hope) a multi-touch trackpad, although with the price/performance of the MacBook Air, the multi-touch trackpad is one of the only things that is making me even consider purchasing that product, if I could get it in a MacBook Pro, that’s what I would buy.

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