10 Cool Leopard Features Shown Off at WWDC Keynote

Steve Jobs did a wonderful keynote yesterday that you can watch here. But I’ll give you a brief recap of what new things will be going on for the Mac.

EA will begin simultaneously releasing their very popular sports games on Windows and the Mac. Id also talked for a bit but basically only showed off a game engine running on the Mac that looked pretty darn good.

Then Steve began talking about Leopard he had 10 things that he talked about.

1. New Desktop:

  • New Menu Bar – changes according the desktop wallpaper
  • New Dock – Looks neater and has some cool transparency
  • Stacks, clean up desktop – folders in the dock that allow rapid access to their content (already somewhat capable in Tiger)
  • Prominent active window – Makes the active window more obvious

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iPhone not delayed until October, Leopard not delayed until January

Engadget was sent an email from inside of Apple that said that the iPhone and Leopard were both delayed. Well I just wanted to let you all know that if you didn’t already here the email was quickly retracted.

The iPhone and Leopard are both still on track. If you want to go read the emails Engadget has them published on there website here.

Apple Delays Release of Leopard until October

Apple announced yesterday its plans to delay the release of OS X Leopard until October. They said that they had to move some staff from working on Leopard to working on the software on the iPhone. They said that the iPhone will be released in late June as planned and that OS X will be fully featured by then but will not be ready for a final release until this Fall.

This upsets me, the worry actually started back when they announced the iPhone and also announced that they would be changing their name from Apple Computers Inc. to Apple Inc. I was really worried that they would lose sight of what made them such a great company, their computers. I think that the iPhone is really important but I do also think that it could have waited until October and Leopard could not. Microsoft will gain some headroom on the release of their new operating system and Apple seems to be a bit behind.

This is a very important time for operating systems. Users are finally getting to the point where they may be willing to move over to another operating system, now whether that will be Vista, Linux, or OS X had a lot to do with what those are offering. Vista obviously looks really good but no one can claim that it is better than what you get under Linux with XGL or AIGLX. OS X is just beginning to look boring. Expose is still really cool but you can get that on your current hardware by downloading a free operating system and maybe spending about a half an hour playing around with the software to get it doing everything you want it to.

I just think that Apple has made a big mistake and that this will hurt them in the OS market more than they think it will. I have begun to be reluctant about the iPhone, yes its a great phone but I’m worried about keeping it looking good while my fingers are poking at its screen constantly. I also am not sure whether I want to have a $599 device in my pocket at all times, I would almost rather have a small internet tablet like a Nokia N800, a iPod with Video and a really thin and tiny phone.

All I can say is the iPhone better be worth the wait we all have to endure for Leopard.

ThinkSecret Posts New Leopard Gallery

ThinkSecret has a new gallery of the latest Leopard build up, head on over and check it out.

The build looks pretty cool, but I’m actually kind of excited about the new network utility. The network utility looks really clean and a lot simpler than the old Network Utility.

WWDC, Time for Leopard

Today I got an email from Apple about WWDC. This picture looks about like what Time Machine will look like. Could it be that Leopard will be released at WWDC. That would be my guess and I think it would be great for all the developers to know that they can start releasing apps for Leopard and use some of those cool new features in the OS.

I can’t wait for Leopard and am very excited about Spaces and Core animation. They sound to me to be the coolest of the new features that have been released so far.

WWDC June 11-15th, 2007

Apple has announced when this years WWDC (World Wide Developers Confrence) will be. It will be June 11-15th. As I mentioned on Jan 31st there is only 1 computer that does not use the newer Intel chip. The Mac Mini. The older chip, only being a 32-bit chip. I wonder how great it would make steve jobs in June if he could say during his keynote, “all of our macs now feature 64-bit processors.” This would be cool because I’m assuming that Leopard will be coming out at WWDC and it is a 64-bit friendly operating system.

Developers I’m sure would like to start coding for 64-bit processors but there is still that little Mac Mini that doesn’t have a 64-bit chip. Apple has always been one to push technology forward and making their OS 64-bit friendly and every computer they make 64-bit its just one more step forward.

What’s with the Core _ Duo in the Mac Mini

Why hasn’t Apple updated the Mac Mini yet to Core 2 Duo. They were able to do it in all of the other computers. I’m wondering why because I’ve been eying it as a better alternative to the AppleTV. For an extra $300 I can have a fully functional computer with a heck of a lot more options. The only thing that I wish I could get was the cool interface. I’m hoping that in the future, such as in Leopard, Apple will update Frontrow to the cool AppleTV interface. I’m not sure what to do. I might buy the Mac Mini I might buy the AppleTV, I’m just not sure.