10 Cool Leopard Features Shown Off at WWDC Keynote

Steve Jobs did a wonderful keynote yesterday that you can watch here. But I’ll give you a brief recap of what new things will be going on for the Mac.

EA will begin simultaneously releasing their very popular sports games on Windows and the Mac. Id also talked for a bit but basically only showed off a game engine running on the Mac that looked pretty darn good.

Then Steve began talking about Leopard he had 10 things that he talked about.

1. New Desktop:

  • New Menu Bar – changes according the desktop wallpaper
  • New Dock – Looks neater and has some cool transparency
  • Stacks, clean up desktop – folders in the dock that allow rapid access to their content (already somewhat capable in Tiger)
  • Prominent active window – Makes the active window more obvious

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2. New Finder

Now the finder is cleaner and more capable being able to search with spotlight other computers on your network. New sidebar which is better looking and well organized. Cool feature called “Back to my Mac” which allows you to connect to your computer at home through .mac wherever you are. Coverflow through your files.

3. Quick Look

quickly view a document without opening an application, videos, documents, pdf’s, pictures, etc. REALLY cool and would be very useful, I know Preview isn’t very slow to open but if I don’t have to open an application it is much faster.

4. 64-bit

64-bit top to bottom from the core of the OS all the way to Cocoa. 64-bit and 32-bit applications running side by side in Leopard.

5. Core Animation

Automatic animation, allowing developers to easily do cool animations for their applications.

6. Boot Camp

Boot Camp will be built into Leopard and you will not have to burn a drivers CD, they will be put on the Leopard Disc.

7. Spaces

Easily organize your applications into multiple virtual desktops.

8. Dashboard Widgets

Be able to easily create your own widgets from web pages that you check regularly. It will recognize web page elements and let you choose what you would like the widget to show you.

9. iChat

Better Audio, Tabbed Chats, Photobooth effects, iChat Theater, Backdrops. I don’t think there is anything we haven’t seen before except for the tabbed chats and better audio. However, you will be able to put your mouth on someone else’s face such as George Washington.

10. Time Machine

Spotlight will be able to search back in time through Time Machine and quick look will be able to be used on all of the files that Time Machine will backup for you.

OS X Leopard will be available for $129.

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You can also check out more of Leopards features at Apple.com here.

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