Dash Releases Public API

Dash has just released its open API for developers. That means that developers will be able to use some basic tools to build apps that will highlight any geographical information that they want such as property listings, speed traps, and weather reports.

The Dash navigation device is also capable of two way communication with the internet so applications will also be able to do things like sync contacts or check the schedule of local radio stations.

This is something that needed to happen, we are living in a world where the manufacturer of a GPS system just can’t build all of the applications that people want, and since users want to be able to do all sorts of things with their devices the best way to keep them happy is to allow 3rd party developers to build apps for it. The possibilities are endless with this device, just think of it as a device that sits in your car, is always connected to the internet, and has a big touch screen.


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