Asatak Announces $150 eBook Reader

Astak has announced that next month they will be releasing a $150 ebook reader. The reader will support TXT, PDF, HTML, BMP, JPG, and GIF files and will have a 800×600 pixel screen.

The low end model will have 128MB of flash storage and an SD memory card slot. Higher end models will also feature Wifi and touchscreen input.

Although I’ve never heard of Astak and the Kindle seems to be everyones favorite ebook reader, for some people (like me) $399 is a little expensive for a device that I’m basically going to use just to read text documents on. $150, although still a little steep in my opinion is a little bit closer to a reasonable price.

For all you Linux fans out there though you will be happy to know that the ebook reader is running Linux 2.6 with QT environment, I’m sure some clever people out there will be able to install their own OS on this thing soon after its release.

5″ Model, 6″ Model, and 9.7″ Model

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