Radioshift for the iPhone

Radioshift is a great program developed by Rogue Ameoba that lets you listen to and record streaming radio programs. I purchased it about a month ago and have been using it extensively to record many different radio programs.

Well Rogue Ameoba has been developing Radioshift for the iPhone and it is looking pretty good. TUAW had the privilege of being able to get a demo of Radishift Touch.

Just like in the desktop version you will be able to browse a guide of available radio programs, you can also view a map of the world with different points on it indicating where various radio stations are. You can browse by genre, browse by what is popular, and add radio programs to your favorites list.

I don’t know whether or not there will be any integration between the desktop version and the touch version but I sure hope so, maybe Rogue Amoeba will be able to find a way of syncing recorded programs for the desktop version with the touch version so that users won’t have to export to iTunes anymore.

TUAW (Video Demo)

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