15 Great Mac Apps

AntiRSI – This application will help you take breaks periodically to keep you from getting any repetitive stress injuries. I’ve been using it for a few months and it is seriously helped me from enduring any more wrist and finger pain because of all this typing.

AppCleaner – Basically the same functionality as AppZapper, it is the uninstall app that Apple should have made, AppCleaner is free and helps you get rid of all the extra files that applications leave on your hard drive that can sometimes be a little hard to get rid of.

Firefox – Yes, I know, everyone knows about Firefox but it deserves mention because as Safari gets better and better people seem to often forget that Firefox has so much more functionality just because of the vast amount of extensions available for it.

Handbrake – The ultimate DVD ripper for the Mac, with the large amount of presets built into the application Handbrake will help you get your movie where YOU want it.

MetaX – After ripping those movies on to your hard drive you may want to add some information to that file such as title, description, or album art, so that when you add the file to iTunes it will have all the movies information, MetaX will help you do that easily.

NeoOffice – You could spend a ton of money on Microsoft Office for the Mac… or you could download NeoOffice for completely free. I’ve used NeoOffice since I got my Mac more than a year ago and have never had any problems trying to open any files.

PandoraJam – Pandora is a great web service that lets you listen to music that is similar to music you like, PandoraJam will let you record that music to your computer.

Quicksilver – The ultimate Mac productivity app. Many people just use it as an application launcher, but that is just the beginning of its features. You can also find many skins to make it look exactly how you want it to.

RapidoResizer – Very often you will find yourself needing to resize an image, this makes it quick, easy, and painless. You can also save the image out to nearly any image format to help out in getting small image sizes in pixels and in kilobytes. It’s great for bloggers.

SuperDuper! – Time Machine is a great backup tool, but it is also very important to have a second backup, and it would be really nice if Time Machine didn’t take 2 hours to restore your whole computer, SuperDuper! makes bootable backups easy, this way if anything goes wrong with your hard drive you can be back up and running in about 5 minutes.

The Unarchiver – I know that Apple’s Finder can unzip all sorts of archives but it doesn’t do it as well as the Unarchiver does. The Unarchiver can open basically any archive type that has ever been made.

Transmission – Simply the best bittorrent application available for the Mac. Transmission has all of the features that you want in a bittorrent client. Transmission recently got a facelift after Leopard was released and now it looks gorgeous.

Twitterrific – Twitter is the not-so guilty pleasure of most geeks and Twitterrific makes updating Twitter and viewing others tweets as easy as pie.

iSquint – Handbrake is great for converting DVDs but what about those videos that you find online, iSquint is a super simple app that will convert nearly any video to an iPod friendly format.

Paintbrush – Have you grown dependent on the many things you can do with Microsoft Paint? Have you been frustrated several times since you purchased your Mac because Apple hasn’t built a Paint-like application? Paintbrush can help.


  1. Thanks Hyder, I’ve been thinking about doing a list like this for Windows but it just keeps getting pushed back by other posts, hopefully I’ll do the post soon though.

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