MacWorld Rumor Recap

The MacWorld 2008 keynote is next week and I figured I would just run through all of the rumors that have been going around the internet for what is going to happen at the keynote.

iTunes Movie Rentals – This has been going around for months now but was practically confirmed when a story was posted in the New York Times talking about it.

iTunes Video Store on AppleTV – This is mostly a hope more than a rumor for the keynote (I wasn’t able to find any rumor sites talking about it) but the idea behind it is for AppleTV’s to be able to purchase movies and TV shows very similarly to how you can now purchase music on the iPhone.

16GB iPhone – The story I linked to was of a fake but they also mention that a 16GB iPhone is imminent. I believe this to be true since there seems to be room at the $500 price point for a higher end iPhone.

3G iPhone – Many people were disappointed by the fact that the iPhone did not have a 3G chipset but Steve Jobs and the AT&T CEO have both said that a 3G iPhone is likely this year.

Apple Sub Notebook/New MacBook – Many people are expecting a sub-notebook at MacWorld while others believe that it isn’t exactly a sub-notebook but actually a new MacBook. (I think it is going to be a new MacBook).

Mac OS X 10.5.2 – There are still some bugs left in Leopard and many are expecting them to be fixed up during MacWorld.

Apple Tablet – Imagine an iPhone with a larger screen that ran a full version of OS X, wouldn’t that be cool?

Jay-Z and Apple Start a Record Label – Bypassing the major record labels all together, Apple would then be super connected to a record label that would have some sort of exclusive deal with Jay-Z selling all of the music exclusively through iTunes.

DVD’s with iTunes video on the disc – This rumor has been everything but confirmed by Apple, it is one of the coolest ideas I’ve heard to give the people what they want without having to force the consumers to break the law.

So, these rumors are all fine and dandy but how are you going to find out what is happening during the keynote? Luckily there are many blogs that do live coverage of the keynote as it happens. Check out the links below for live coverage:

  1. AppleMatters
  2. ArsTechnica
  3. Daily Tech Talk
  4. Engadget
  5. LoopRumors
  6. MacBlog (Italian)
  7. MacUser
  8. MacRumors
  9. MacScoop
  10. MacTeens
  11. POMCast (In four languages)
  12. Share MacWorld
  13. Stuff
  14. The Mac Mind
  15. The Apple Blog
  16. The Mac Observer
  17. TUAW
  18. World of Apple

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