New Apple Notebooks at MacWorld – Unofficially Confirmed

The Boy Genius Report is saying that “Apple will 100% be announcing a new laptop at MacWorld.”

The source of the unofficial confirmation is that when Apple held a holiday event recently they had artists perform and instead of paying the talent, Apple decided to promise every performer and band member a new laptop when they are announced at MacWorld.

They also say that the laptop will go on sale one week after the announcement.

There is no confirmation as to what the laptop will look like, but the rumors have said that it will be a sub notebook priced at about $1,500.

I have taken my stand saying that it won’t be a sub notebook but rather a new design for the MacBook line of notebooks. The MacBook is the only Mac that isn’t made out of aluminum and it is likely that Apple would like to have a top to bottom look for their computers.

Remember that rumors like these are a dime a dozen, especially leading up to MacWorld. You may choose to believe it, you may not, but we will find out for sure come January 14.

Apple’s new laptops: confirmed! – The Boy Genius Report

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