Apple Macworld Announcements

Here’s a quick rundown of the most interesting announcements from the keynote.

iLife '09

iLife ’09 – Available Late January for $79

  • iPhoto ’09Guided Tour
    • Faces allows you to organize photos by people in the photos.
    • Places allows you to organize photos by where they are taken.
    • Facebook Integration allows you to upload photos to Facebook and share information back and forth between iPhoto and Facebook.
    • Flickr Integration allowing you to upload photos to Flickr.
  • iMovie ’09Guided Tour
    • Improved editing functionality including the ability to do more advanced audio editing and manipulation.
  • GarageBand ’09
    • Learn to Play features tutorials teaching you how to play Guitar or Piano.
    • Tutorials on how to play songs from major artists.

iWork '09

iWork ’09 – Available Immediately for $79
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Mac Box Set – Available Late January for $169

  • Includes Leopard, iLife ’09, and iWork ’09 in one conveniant package.

iTunes Changes

  • 6+ million DRM free tracks available immediately.
  • All tracks to be DRM free by the end March.
  • New song price points, $0.69, $0.99, and $1.29.
  • iTunes on iPhone will now allow you to purchase music over cellular networks.

MacBook Pro 09 Thumbnail

Unibody 17″ MacBook Pro – Available Late January Starting at $2,799

  • Up to 8 hours of battery life.
  • Battery is non-user accessible, but should last 1000 charge cycles.
  • Anti-glare option for an additional $50.

Overall I was very impressed with the keynote, specifically iPhoto ’09 which really stands out for me as what I really can’t wait to get my hands on. Of course the announcement of DRM free iTunes is great but we all knew it would happen eventually, and since I still buy CDs (I like having the music come on its own backup copy) I don’t really care about DRM free (I don’t buy any music online). The 17″ MacBook Pro was very expected and not at all a surprise and iWork ’09 was just logical and incremental upgrades to the previous versions.

Macworld 2009 Keynote Stream

Macworld Expo 2009 Predictions

The Keynote is today and since John Gruber has reminded me that according to FCC regulations all Mac-related websites must publish MacWorld predictions. So here are mine.

I expect the iMac and Mac Mini to get processor, hard drive, RAM, and graphics card updates (the new Nvidia chipsets).

I expect to see the new 17″ MacBook Pro that has been rumored to have a fixed battery.

I expect to see iLife and iWork ’09 but I don’t expect them to be going online (but I do think there will be more integration with all of these apps and MobileMe).

I expect to see more info on Snow Leopard, at the very least a rough estimate as to when it would be released.

I expect to see updates to the rest of the Cinema Display line.

I expect to see significant increases in the amount of DRM free content in iTunes.

I don’t expect to see any more announcements but who knows, it isn’t crazy to think that Phil Schiller could come out and show off the iPhone Nano (but I really doubt it).

Phil Schiller to Demo Snow Leopard at Macworld

However, although Apple is expected to show off Snow Leopard at Macworld, the software is very unlikely to be in consumers’ hands until at least a month later – and more likely two or three months later. “I think it will be a major factor at Macworld. The question is when it is going to be available,” says Enderle.

It doesn’t seem unlikely, especially since Schiller has seemed to be part of almost every software demo I can remember (in the short few years that I’ve payed attention to Apple news). I’m really excited for Snow Leopard but am still trying to figure out if Apple would be charging the full $129 for the upgrade, I don’t think they will since there are no new user focused features.

Apple ready to show Snow Leopard’s spots | Technology | The Guardian.

Apple Announces Its Last Year at Macworld

It truly is an end of an era. With MacWorld being downsized by folks like Adobe announcing that they won’t be attending the event I would be surprised if the conference will be able to last another couple of years.

This obviously comes as a surprise to many, Apple has attended MacWorld for what seems like forever and it just makes me wonder what Mac fans will be able to look forward to in the year. There is always the WWDC event but that hasn’t typically been the place for Apple to announce consumer related devices.

I guess Apple just got tired of rushing products to market, with the horrible experiences some have had getting MoblieMe working or all of those who waited hours in AT&T store waiting for the iPhone 3G to get activated it doesn’t surprise me that Apple would want to change some things. Many of the products Apple has released in the past few years really could have had another couple months in the oven before they were released and with the economy going the way that it seems it will it is going to become even more important for products to work correctly the minute you buy them, not two weeks afterward when the first software update comes out for it.

I’m personally very disappointed that Apple will no longer be attending MacWorld, I never had the opertunity to attend the event and from the looks of things I might never be able to. Let’s hope somebody else (maybe even Apple) will be able to pick up the slack with another consumer focused conference that Apple is actually willing to attend.

Apple Announces Its Last Year at Macworld.

Apple Announces Time Capsule

Time Capsule is a great product that Apple announced today and will begin shipping in February. Time Capsule is basically a Airport Extreme base station with a 500GB or 1TB hard drive built into it to be used with Time Machine.

Time Capsule will allow you to not only backup one of your computers to the hard drive over Wifi (or eathernet) but you can backup pretty much all of your Macs to Time Capsule.

The pricing for Time Capsule will be $299 for the 500GB version and $499 for the 1TB version (purchase it here).

And in case you haven’t seen it, check out the latest Mac ad talking about Time Machine:

One last thing I’d like to say about this, I wonder if this also means that old Airport Extreme base stations would work the same way when a hard drive is plugged into the USB port?

MacWorld Rumor Recap

The MacWorld 2008 keynote is next week and I figured I would just run through all of the rumors that have been going around the internet for what is going to happen at the keynote.

iTunes Movie Rentals – This has been going around for months now but was practically confirmed when a story was posted in the New York Times talking about it.

iTunes Video Store on AppleTV – This is mostly a hope more than a rumor for the keynote (I wasn’t able to find any rumor sites talking about it) but the idea behind it is for AppleTV’s to be able to purchase movies and TV shows very similarly to how you can now purchase music on the iPhone.

16GB iPhone – The story I linked to was of a fake but they also mention that a 16GB iPhone is imminent. I believe this to be true since there seems to be room at the $500 price point for a higher end iPhone.

3G iPhone – Many people were disappointed by the fact that the iPhone did not have a 3G chipset but Steve Jobs and the AT&T CEO have both said that a 3G iPhone is likely this year.

Apple Sub Notebook/New MacBook – Many people are expecting a sub-notebook at MacWorld while others believe that it isn’t exactly a sub-notebook but actually a new MacBook. (I think it is going to be a new MacBook).

Mac OS X 10.5.2 – There are still some bugs left in Leopard and many are expecting them to be fixed up during MacWorld.

Apple Tablet – Imagine an iPhone with a larger screen that ran a full version of OS X, wouldn’t that be cool?

Jay-Z and Apple Start a Record Label – Bypassing the major record labels all together, Apple would then be super connected to a record label that would have some sort of exclusive deal with Jay-Z selling all of the music exclusively through iTunes.

DVD’s with iTunes video on the disc – This rumor has been everything but confirmed by Apple, it is one of the coolest ideas I’ve heard to give the people what they want without having to force the consumers to break the law.

So, these rumors are all fine and dandy but how are you going to find out what is happening during the keynote? Luckily there are many blogs that do live coverage of the keynote as it happens. Check out the links below for live coverage:

  1. AppleMatters
  2. ArsTechnica
  3. Daily Tech Talk
  4. Engadget
  5. LoopRumors
  6. MacBlog (Italian)
  7. MacUser
  8. MacRumors
  9. MacScoop
  10. MacTeens
  11. POMCast (In four languages)
  12. Share MacWorld
  13. Stuff
  14. The Mac Mind
  15. The Apple Blog
  16. The Mac Observer
  17. TUAW
  18. World of Apple

MacWorld 2007 Keynote

Well first of all lets lay it all out for you who don’t know (I don’t know how who wouldn’t)

  • Apple TV
  • iPhone
  • Bluetooth headset for iPhone
  • Airport Extreme Base Station

The Apple TV
The device is built to be used with widescreen HDTV’s and EDTV’s capable of 480p, 576p, and 720p. It has HDMI output, Component video output, Optical audio output, USB, and 10/100 Eathernet. If you want to see the interface of the device you can check it out here. I’m excited about this and plan to buy it as soon as I can pick one up in an Apple Store. It also has a 40GB hard drive and 802.11n wireless connectivity. Along with the Apple TV release they also released Paramount movies in the iTunes store. The Apple TV can sync with a computer in your home or you can stream from up to 5 computers. I find it to be funny because according to the Apple spec’s page, it requires iTunes 7.1.

The interface is absolutely beautiful and I’m wondering if this is signs to come of the Front Row interface for OS X Leopard.


The iPhone is really 3 devices in one. It is a widescreen iPod, a cell phone, and an internet device.

The iPod part. Well its a great device just as an iPod. It of course has a widescreen and 5 hours of battery life for video. It is extremely easy to scroll through your music just using your finger. When you turn the device on its side it uses its accelerometer and can tell that you are doing so. When it is turned on its side you can flip through the cover art of your music using CoverFlow. Great idea, it is much easier to look through your albums in this way and when you tap on a cover it will flip over and show you a list of the songs on the album. When watching video if you touch the screen it will have an overlay of the controls for it.

The phone part. It’s amazing. It is easy to use, it can tell when the phone is next to your face so the screen turns off and the touchscreen quits sensing touches. The speaker for speakerphone is on the bottom of the device so that when you lay it on your desk it won’t muffle the sound. You can choose which voice mail you want to listen too. It shows a list of your voice mails so you only have to listen to the ones you want. When text messaging it brings up a keyboard using the touchscreen and it will do a type of predictive text that can tell knowing the letters around the ones you used showing what you wanted to type at the bottom of the screen, when you push space it uses the one at the bottom. Next up photos. It has a 2 megapixel camera. To zoom in on the pictures you touch two fingers on the screen and spread them apart to zoom out squeeze them together. If you have a portrait layout picture and you turn it on your side it automatically turns the picture.

The Internet Communicator. This part is cool. It has a full featured browser in it. It is of course using Safari. It will can use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet and will automatically switch over when a hot spot is in range. If you double tap on the page it will zoom in a certain amount or you can do the “squeeze technique.” The phone has a html email reader. Yahoo will give each iPhone owner “push” imap support for free with Yahoo mail. Google maps is in there as well. It uses the “squeeze” for zooming. During the keynote Steve Jobs searched on the app for starbucks and within google maps you can choose to call businesses that you search for. Then there are widgets and this is when things get interesting. It would be great to have all of my RSS feeds as widgets in my phone. When I’m out and about and bored I can just grab my phone and read some news.

There is so much to talk about and I suggest you go and watch the keynote for yourself. It is so amazing. It’s just exciting to watch. Watch it here.

MacWorld Wish List

Well MacWorld as you know is next week and I have a few things that I want them to release.

  1. New Mac Minis with Core 2 Duo Processors
  2. New iPods with larger hard drives and bigger screens
  3. an Apple Phone that is GSM
  4. The iTV
  5. New Airport and Airport Express
  6. Even though they said that it would not be released until after Vista, Leopard
  7. iLife’07
  8. iWork’07 with a new Spreadsheet application
  9. New 8 Core Mac Pros
  10. Cinema Displays with built in iSight
  11. A new Low end 17″ cinema display
  12. Ultra Portable MacBook Pro with 12″ screen
  13. To give tools needed to build plugins for FrontRow
  14. New features for .mac including larger idisk capacity
  15. More Movies Studios in iTunes

The Calm Before the Storm

CES and MacWorld are both next week and everything seems to be very quiet. There are not very many stories out today for me to tell you about. Just a couple of leaks about what someone is going to do at CES, namely that HP won’t be showing DLP TV’s there. I think this has to be the calm before the storm so to speak. Next week will undoubtedly be big Apple most likely has some big announcements and I’m sure there will be some really cool new gadgets out there for everyone to play with throughout the year.

If you are bored and need something to read though, head over to the Inquirer where Charlie Demerjian has an article up regarding the whole Microsoft Acer Ferrari blogger thingy. Its a pretty good article and makes great points that I wish people would realize. This happens all the time with companies who release new products, its not them being evil its Microsoft realizing that there is next to no laptops available that will run Vista with Aero Glass effects turned on.

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iTV May Be Passed Over at MacWorld

There are a few rumor sites talking about the iTV at MacWorld. The rumor is that Apple may pass over the iTV at MacWorld. I have a feeling that the iTV will get passed over at MacWorld and that it will be another “one more thing” keynote by steve a week or two after MacWorld. I am convinced that Apple will release it in January because they said they would and they cannot miss this. It is a huge debut and a big opportunity for Apple to take over the living room.

I am worried that the iTV will not have solid 802.11n support because I’m worried that the standard will not be as set as they hoped, I think that the iTV might start out with g but have an n chip in it much like some of the other Mac computers out there. I am excited for this MacWorld and might not get on the internet until Wednesday so that I can watch the keynote video instead of reading about it. Comment on what you plan on doing for MacWorld, what sites you will be watching or even weather you are going or not.

Apple’s New Welcome Image

Well Apple has a new welcome image up on its site, saying “The first 30 years were just the beginning. Welcome to 2007.” I’m kind of excited about this. It seems Apple has some fun stuff in store for us this year. I’m sure that they are hinting that MacWorld will be pretty gosh darn fun.